第11课 神赐下圣灵来掌管我们

Romans 8:1 – 17

How is Paul’s teaching about the sinful nature and the new inner being in the believer confirmed in your own life?


ROMANS 罗马书8: 1 – 8

Paul said in chapter 7 that living the Christian life will not be easy. We have a sinful nature that is constantly with us and frequently leading us into sin. It is an ongoing battle. Now, he emphasized the Spirit and its mighty influence in the believer’s life. Anyone who is in Christ Jesus, think of it as in the sphere of Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation. There isn’t a single judgment that can be raised against a believer. The reason, “because” (vs 2), is Jesus set me free from the control of sin and death. Sin and its condemnation resulting in eternal separation from God is gone. The law itself could never accomplish this. It couldn’t produce a single acquittal before God. The law was powerless to do that, not because of a problem with the law, but the sinful nature only rebelled against God’s will. God went into action and solved the problem.


Here is a listing of what God did

  1. he sent his own Son, Jesus

  2. Sent him in human likeness – had a true humanity and real flesh and

    blood. Phil 2:7 “human likeness” however he had no sin.

  3. to be a sin offering – he offered himself as the sacrifice for the

    sin of the world

  4. condemned sin – instead of sin condemning us, Sin was condemned, it

    was paid for, it couldn’t threaten us with eternal judgment anymore.

  5. righteous requirements of the law – Jesus lived a life that fully

    and perfectly kept the law. His perfection is credited to believers and is now “in us” (4).

The sinful nature of an unbeliever prompts a mindset, a way of thinking, that only reflects who they are. There whole being and existence conforms to the sinful nature. There whole thought process flows from the sinful nature. The contrast is equally true for the person who believes and thus has received the Holy Spirit. According to their new man, in the new way of the Spirit (7:6) the believers thought process flows from that Spirit.

Those controlled by the sinful nature are thus only hostile to God, they can’t submit to God’s will and can’t do anything pleasing to God. In the next verses Paul develops the thought of the Spirit’s influence on believers.


1 – 差遣祂的独生子 – 耶稣

2 – 使祂将世为人– 有着完全的人性,肉体和血。 腓立比书2:7 “人的样式"只是祂没有罪。

3 – 成为罪祭 – 祂将自己献上为世界的罪作为祭物

4 – 咒诅罪 – 不是罪咒诅我们而是罪被咒诅。为罪付上了代价,罪再也不能用永恒的审判威胁我们了。

5 – 律法对义的要求– 耶稣的生命完全完美的遵行了律法的要求。祂的完全算在了信徒身上,如今归给 “我们” 了(4节)




1. What Christ accomplished blessings does Paul celebrate in vs. 1-2?


2. How did God remove the sin that the Law exposed and condemned but we could not get rid of? (3-4)


3. What is the spiritual condition of those controlled by the sinful nature? (5-8)


4. By contrast, what is the spiritual condition of those who are controlled by the spiritual nature? (5-6)


5. Why can’t those controlled by the sinful nature please God? (8)


ROMANS 罗马书8: 9 – 17

It is impossible to be a believer and not have the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit creates faith and so whenever the Holy Spirit is in a person, there faith has already been created by the Spirit and he is present. Paul said the Spirit of God lives in you – ongoing action. It isn’t that the Spirit created faith and then moves on to another person and we are left on our own. The Spirit of God lives in every believer. Although the Spirit lives in us, our body is still destined to die (10), but our spiritual nature is alive. It is alive “because of righteousness.” (10) The word translated righteousness has two basic meanings, (1) being declared not guilty before God because of Jesus, acquitted of all wrong before God (2) doing what is right in God’s eyes. Both options would fit here, but the second fits the context better. Our spiritual nature under the control of the Holy Spirit is guiding us to do what is right before God. This isn’t earning our forgiveness but it is the evidence that the Holy Spirit has created faith in us. Even though our bodies are destined to die, they will be raised to eternal life.

Through Christ and the Holy Spirit’s work we are the sons of God. The term sons of God refers to both male and females, through Christ we are the children of God. We have been adopted into God’s family and can call the Almighty God our Father. The Holy Spirit testifies and our spiritual nature also testifies that we are God’s children and thus heirs of eternal life. What gracious blessings the Spirit brings to us in Christ.

信徒是不可能没有圣灵同在的。圣灵建立信心,因此当圣灵在人里面的时候,信心就被建立了,同时圣灵与其同在。保罗说神的灵住在你们心里——进行时态。圣灵并不是在建立信心之后就将我们丢下去寻找下一个人。神的灵住在每一个信徒里面。尽管圣灵住在我们里面,我们的身体仍然要死(10)但我们属灵的性情是活着的。并且是"因义而活”(10)义这个字在原文中有两个基本含义,1. 在神面前因耶稣的缘故而被宣告无罪,在神面前没有过失。2.在神的眼目中做正确的事。这两者都适用于此处的翻译,但第二点更切合语境。我们属灵的性情受圣灵的掌控,指引我们做神眼中看为正的事。这并不是要我们挣得自己的赦免之恩,但是这却真实的显明了圣灵的确在我们里面建立了信心。即便我们的身体要死亡,但却要在永生中复活。


KEYWORD 关键词– SONS OF GOD神的儿子- A term that includes every believer, male or female, ethnic group or occupation in a society (Galatians 3:26-28)



6. Comment “You cannot have spiritual life with God without God the Holy Spirit.”


7. What are some of the blessings the Holy Spirit brings to us?


1) vs 9

2) vs 10

3) vs 11

4) vs 13

5) vs 14

6) vs 15

7) vs 17

8. Paul said “by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body” (13). “Put to death” is present tense. What does that mean about our daily lives?


9. How do we put to death the misdeeds of the body? How does that relate to what Paul said about himself in chapter 7:14-20?

我们如何治死身体的恶行?这和保罗在7:14-20 所诉他自己的经历有何关联?

[Preparing for next week’s class 预备下周的课程]{.ul}

  1. Read Romans 8:18 – 39 阅读罗马书 8:18 – 39

  2. Read Romans – the People’s Bible Pages 133 – 145阅读罗马书

    大众圣经读本 133-145页

  3. Read Romans 8:18 – 39 a second time but this time out loud.

    再次大声朗读罗马书8:18 – 39

Since we aren’t slaves to fear in Christ (15) what kind of attitudes and confidence can we have in Christ?