第九课(lesson 9) 为主管理我们的属灵恩赐

第九课(lesson #9) 为主管理我们的属灵恩赐 LIFE WITH OUR LORD 与主同在的生活 Managing Spiritual Gifts For Our Lord (Part 2) 为主管理我们的属灵恩赐 Lesson 9 第九课 Goal: To gain a better understanding of individual spiritual gifts and talents God gives to His steward-disciples and of what our particular gifts may be. 目标:为了更好地理解各人属灵恩赐和上帝赐予他管家-门徒的天赋和我们可能拥有的其他特殊才能。 Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, You are our life and salvation. We thank You for granting Your steward-disciples the spiritual gifts and talents need for the ministry of Your Church. Help us learn more about these gifts and talents. Enable us to discover, develop and use our special abilities to honor our God and to build up Your Church. On the basis of Your redeeming work, we ask this. Amen. 祷告:亲爱的主耶稣,你是我们的生命和拯救。我们感谢你,为了教会事工的需要,授予你的管家-门徒属灵恩赐和天赋才华。请帮助我们学习更多关于恩赐和天赋的知识。让我们能去发现、发展、使用我们的特殊才能来荣耀我们的主,建立你的教会。因你的救赎大业,我们向你祈求。阿们。 I. Examining Helpful Spiritual Gifts and Natural Talents I. 检验有帮助的属灵恩赐和天赋才华 We continue to take a closer look at the spiritual gifts and some of the natural talents that God continues to give to His believers and wants to be used in the ministry of His Church. 我们继续仔细查看属灵恩赐和一些天赋才华,上帝持续向信徒赐下这些,想要它们被用于教会的事工。 The Serving Gifts 服侍的恩赐 A. The Gift Of Serving/Helping A. 服侍/帮助的恩赐

  1. Definition: the gift of serving/helping is the special ability God gives to assist others in carrying out the ministry of the Church and provide necessary support for the success of God’s work.
  2. 定义:服侍/帮助的恩赐是这种特殊能力,上帝赐下来帮助他人进行教会事工,并为上帝工作的顺利实现提供需要的帮助。
  3. Bible References
  4. 参考圣经 1 Corinthians 12:28 - In the church God has appointed those who able to help others. 哥林多前书12:28神在教会所设立的帮助人的。 Romans 16:1-2 - I commend you to our sister Phoebe, a servant of the church in Cenchrea. I ask you to receive her in the Lord in a way worthy of the saints and to give her any help she may need from you, for she has been a great help to many people, including me. 罗马书16:1-2 1 我对你们举荐我们的姊妹非比,她是坚革哩教会中的女执事。2 请你们为主接待她,合乎圣徒的体统。她在何事上要你们帮助,你们就帮助她,因她素来帮助许多人,也帮助了我。 2 Timothy 1:16, 18 - May the Lord show mercy to the household of Onesiphorus, because he often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains. . . . May the Lord grant that he will find mercy from the Lord on that day! You know very well in how many ways he helped me in Ephesus. 提摩太后书1:16,18 16 愿主怜悯阿尼色弗一家的人,因他屡次使我畅快,不以我的锁链为耻, 18 愿主使他在那日得主的怜悯。他在以弗所怎样多多地服侍我,是你明明知道的。 3.Biblical Examples: Phoebe, Onesiphorus
  5. 圣经中的范例:非比,阿尼色弗一家
  6. Questions To Ask Yourself
  7. 问你自己的问题 a. Do I look for opportunities to assist other people in their work? a. 我是否寻找机会在其他人的工作中帮助他们? b. Do I enjoy helping others with the emergency tasks around the church? b. 我是否享受 在关于教会的紧急任务中帮助他人? c. Do I desire to do the tasks that will free others for important ministry? c. 我是否想要做一些任务以便其他人可以解脱出来去做更重要的事工? d. Do I like to help when an individual or family is facing a crisis? d. 当一个人或一个家庭面临危机的时候我是否想去帮忙? e. Do I willingly help others bear their burdens? e. 我是否愿意帮助他人背负重担? B. The Gift Of Giving B. 施舍的恩赐
  8. Definition: the gift of giving is the special ability God gives to contribute their material resources generously to the Lord for the work of the Church and to help others in their need.
  9. 定义:施舍的恩赐是这种特殊能力,上帝赐下这种恩赐是为了教会的工作和帮助其他需要的人而慷慨地向神贡献他们的物质资源。
  10. Bible References
  11. 参考圣经 Romans 12:8 - If a man’s gift is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously. 罗马书12:8 施舍的,就当诚实! 2 Corinthians 8:1-4 - Now, brothers, we want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches. Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own, they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints. 哥林多后书8:1-4 1 弟兄们,我把神赐给马其顿众教会的恩告诉你们,2就是他们在患难中受大试炼的时候,仍有满足的快乐;在极穷之间,还格外显出他们乐捐的厚恩。3 我可以证明他们是按着力量,自己甘心乐意地捐助,4 再三地求我们,准他们在这供给圣徒的恩情上有分。 Luke 19:8a - But Zaccheus stood up and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor.” 路加福音19:8a 撒该站着对主说:“主啊,我把所有的一半给穷人。”
  12. Biblical Example: The Macedonian Christians
  13. 圣经中的范例 :马其顿的基督徒
  14. Questions To Ask Yourself
  15. 问你自己的问题 a. Do I find it a privilege to give my money or possessions to God so that He will be honored and the work of the Church will be carried out? a. 我是否发现把我的金钱或所有物献给神是一种荣幸,这样可以荣耀神并且帮助教会开展事工? b. Do I look for opportunities to give of my resources without having to be asked? b. 我是否寻找机会给予我的资源,不需要别人请求? c. Am I pleased when someone asks me to help financially with a worthy project? c. 当某人在有价值的项目上请求我给予经济援助,我是否感到高兴? d. When I learn of someone in need, do I think of what I can do to help them in some material way? d. 当我知道有人需要帮助的时候,我是否思考在某些物质方面能帮助他们? C. The Gift Of Leadership C. 领导的恩赐
  16. Definition: the gift of leadership is the special ability God gives to oversee some aspect of the work of the Church, to develop goals and strategies, and to guide others to accomplish them for God’s glory.
  17. 定义:领导的恩赐是这种特殊能力,上帝赐下来监督教会工作的一些方面,发展目标和策略,并且引领其他人为了上帝的荣耀完成这些目标和策略。
  18. Bible References
  19. 参考圣经 Romans 12:8 - If a man’s gift if leadership, let him govern diligently. 罗马书12:8 治理的,就当殷勤。 Joshua 1:10-11, 16-17 - So Joshua ordered the officers of the people: “Go through the camp and tell the people, ‘Get your supplies ready. Three days from now you will cross the Jordan here to go in and take possession of the land the Lord your God is giving you for your own.” . . . Then they answered Joshua, “Whatever you have commanded us we will do, and wherever you send us we will go. Just as we fully obeyed Moses, so we will obey you. Only may the Lord your God be with you as he was with Moses.” 约书亚记1:10-11, 16-17 10 于是,约书亚吩咐百姓的官长说:11“你们要走遍营中,吩咐百姓说:‘当预备食物。因为三日之内,你们要过这约旦河,进去得耶和华你们神赐你们为业之地。’” 16 他们回答约书亚说:“你所吩咐我们去行的,我们都必行;你所差遣我们去的,我们都必去。17 我们从前在一切事上怎样听从摩西,现在也必照样听从你;惟愿耶和华你的神与你同在,像与摩西同在 一样 。”
  20. Biblical Example: Joshua
  21. 圣经中的范例:约书亚
  22. Questions To Ask Yourself
  23. 问你自己的问题 a. Do I have the ability to recognize the essential things that need to be done to accomplish God’s plans for the mission He has given the Church a. 我是否有能力认出需要做的事情的本质?这些事情原是为了完成上帝赐予教会任务的计划的。 b. Do I enjoy leading an effort to accomplish the important things that need to be done? b. 我是否享受致力于完成需要去做的重要事情? c. Do people like to follow me in doing an important task? c. 当进行重要的任务时,人们是否喜欢跟随我? d. Do I take pleasure in inspiring others to greater involvement in the work of God’s Church? d. 我是否享受激发他人更多参与神的教会工作中的兴趣? D. The Gift Of Administration D. 管理的恩赐
  24. Definition: the gift of administration is the special ability God gives to accomplish ministry goals by developing and implementing effective plans and methods to reach them and by involving others in the work.
  25. 定义:管理的恩赐是这种特殊能力,上帝赐下来通过发展和执行有效的计划完成事工的目标,和通过使他人参与到工作中从而达到目标的方法。
  26. Bible References
  27. 参考圣经 1 Corinthians 12:28 - In the church God has appointed those with gifts of administration. 哥林多前书12:28 神在教会 所设立的治理事的。 Exodus 18:17-23 - (Jethro) Moses’ father-in-law replied, “What you are doing is not good. You and these people who come to you will only wear yourselves out. The work is too heavy for you; you cannot handle it alone. Listen now to me and I will give you some advice, and may God be with you. You must be the people’s representative before God and bring their disputes to Him. Teach them the decrees and laws, and show them the way to live and the duties they are to perform. But select capable men from all the people - men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain - and appoint them as officials over thousand, hundreds, fifties and tens. Have them serve as judges for the people at all times, but have them bring every difficult case to you; the simple cases they can decide themselves. That will make your load lighter, because they will share it with you. If you do this and God so commands, you will be able to stand the strain, and all these people will go home satisfied. 出埃及记18:17-23 17摩西的岳父说:“你这做的不好。18 你和这些百姓必都疲惫,因为这事太重,你独自一人办理不了。19 现在你要听我的话,我为你出个主意,愿神与你同在。你要替百姓到神面前,将案件奏告神;20 又要将律例和法度教训他们,指示他们当行的道、当做的事;21 并要从百姓中拣选有才能的人,就是敬畏神、诚实无妄、恨不义之财的人,派他们作千夫长、百夫长、五十夫长、十夫长,管理百姓。22 叫他们随时审判百姓,大事都要呈到你这里,小事他们自己可以审判。这样,你就轻省些,他们也可以同当此任。23 你若这样行,神也这样吩咐你,你就能受的住,这百姓也都平平安安归回他们的住处。”
  28. Bible Example: Jethro
  29. 圣经中的范例:叶忒罗
  30. Questions To Ask yourself
  31. 问你自己的问题 a. Do I recognize efficient ways to get things done? a. 我知道完成事情的有效方式吗? b. Do I like to organize people for more effective ministry? b. 我喜欢组织人们更有效地去侍奉吗? c. Do I enjoy the responsibility for the achievement of ministry goals? c. 我是否享受为事工目标实现所担负的责任? d. Do I find satisfaction in developing practical plans for conducting the Church’s ministry? d. 在为引导教会事工而发展的实践计划中我是否觉得满足? E. The Gift Of Mercy E. 怜悯的恩赐
  32. Definition: The gift of mercy is the special ability God gives to have genuine compassion for those who are suffering and to take action to relieve their distress.
  33. 定义:怜悯的恩赐是这种特殊能力,上帝赐下使痛苦的人得到真诚的同情,并采取行动减轻他们的苦痛。
  34. Bible References
  35. 参考圣经 Romans 12:8 - If a man’s gift is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully. 罗马书 12:8 怜悯人的,就当甘心。 Acts 9:36-37, 39 - In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (which, when translated, is Dorcas) who was always doing good and helping the poor. About that time she became sick and died, and her body was washed and placed in an upstairs room. . . . Peter went with them, and when he arrived he was taken upstairs to the room. All the widows stood around him, crying and showing him the robes and other clothing that Dorcas had made while she was still with them. 使徒行传9:36-37,39 36 在约帕有一个女徒,名叫大比大,翻希腊话就是多加。她广行善事,多施周济。37 当时,她患病而死,有人把她洗了,停在楼上。 39 彼得就起身和他们同去。到了,便有人领他上楼。众寡妇都站在 彼得旁边哭,拿多加与她们同在时所做的里衣外衣给他看。
  36. Biblical Example: Tabitha (Dorcas)
  37. 圣经中的范例:大比大(多加)
  38. Questions To Ask Yourself
  39. 问你自己的问题 a. When someone is hurting, do I have a strong desire to do something to help them? a. 当有人受伤害时,我是否有强烈的愿望去做些事情帮助他们? b. Do I find myself spending my time, money and other resources to help those who are in physical need? b. 我是否发觉自己花费时间、金钱和其他资源帮助那些有物质需要的人? c. Do I find joy in helping others in need who are not able to help themselves? c. 我是否在帮助那些无法自助的人时获得喜乐? d. Have others told me how helpful I have been to them in a difficult time in their lives? d. 是否有人告诉我说在他们生命中困难的时候我帮了很大的忙? F. The Gift Of Visionary Faith F. 远见信心的恩赐
  40. Definition: the gift of visionary faith is the special ability God gives to know with great confidence what God’s will and purpose is for the future of His work, even if it seems extremely difficult, and to inspire that confidence in others. (Note: The spiritual gift of faith is not to be confused with “saving faith” which the Spirit gives to all believers.)
  41. 定义:远见信心的恩赐是这种特殊能力,上帝赐下使人用极大的信心明白神的旨意和他将来工作的目的,即使这看起来非常艰难,并且能够激发其他人的信心。(注释:信心的属灵恩赐与救恩信心是不同的,救恩的信心是圣灵赐给所有信徒的。)
  42. Bible References
  43. 参考圣经 1 Corinthians 12:9 - To another faith is given by the same Spirit. 哥林多前书12:9 又有一人蒙这位圣灵赐他信心。 Numbers 13:30 - Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.” 民数记13:30 迦勒在摩西面前安抚百姓,说:“我们立刻上去得那地吧!我们足能得胜。” Joshua 14:11-13 - “I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out: “I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then. Now give me this hill country that the Lord promised me that day. You yourself heard them that the Anakites were there and their cities were large and fortified, but, the Lord helping me, I will drive them out just as he said.” Then Joshua blessed Caleb son of Jephunneh and gave him Hebron as his inheritance. 约书亚记14:11-13 11 我还是强壮,像摩西打发我去的那天一样。无论是争战、是出入,我的力量那时如何,现在还是如何。 12 求你将耶和华那日应许我的这山地给我,哪里有亚衲族人,并宽大坚固的城,你也曾听见了。或者耶和华照他所应许的与我同在,我就把他们赶出去。 13 于是约书亚为耶孚尼的儿子迦勒祝福,将希伯伦给他为业。
  44. Biblical Example: Caleb
  45. 圣经中的范例:迦勒
  46. Questions To Ask
  47. 要问的问题 a. Am I more likely to think what “can be” under God’s blessing than to simply be content with the way things currently “are’? a. 我是否更喜欢去思考在神的祝福下能够发生什么事情还是简单地满足于事情现在的样子? b. If I know something is within God’s will, am I confident that it will be done? b. 如果我知道某些事情在神的旨意之中,我是否坚信事情能成? c. Do I see difficulties as opportunities for God to display His power, grace, and glory? c. 我是否把困难看作是上帝赐下去显示他的力量、恩典和荣耀的机会? d. Do I find it easy to trust God to provide for me everything that I need to carry out His will? d. 我是否发现我很容易相信上帝赐给我的所有事情是我需要去实行他的旨意的? G. The Gift Of Hospitality G. 接待的恩赐
  48. Definition: the gift of hospitality is the special ability God gives to provide a friendly welcome and kind treatment to guests and strangers.
  49. 定义:接待的恩赐是这种特殊恩赐,上帝赐下为客人和客旅提供友好的欢迎和友善的接待。
  50. Bible References
  51. 参考圣经 Romans 12:13 - Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. 罗马书12:13 圣徒缺乏要帮补,客要一味地款待。 Hebrews 13:2a - Do not forget to entertain strangers. 希伯来书13:2a 不可忘记用爱心接待客旅。 3 John 5-6a, 8 - Dear friend,, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers, even though they are strangers to you. They have told the church about your love. . . . We ought therefore to show hospitality to such men so that we may work together for the truth. 约翰三书5-6a, 8 5 亲爱的弟兄啊,凡你想作客旅之弟兄所行的,都是忠心的。6 他们在教会面前证明了你的爱…… 8 所以我们应该接待这样的人,叫我们与他们一同为真理做工。
  52. Biblical Example: Gaius
  53. 圣经中的范例:该犹
  54. Questions To Ask Yourself
  55. 问你自己的问题 a. Do I want to reach out to welcome those who are visitors or new members of the church? a. 我是否想要伸出手欢迎那些访客或是教会的新成员? b. Do I find satisfaction in getting to know and to befriend new people? b. 我是否在认识并与新的人交朋友时得到满足? c. Do I enjoy having people in my home for a brief visit or extended stay? c. 我是否享受让人们在我家短暂做客或是多留一会? d. Do people enjoy being in my company? d. 人们是否享受我的陪伴? H. The Gift Of Discernment H. 辨别的恩赐
  56. Definition: the gift of discernment is the special ability God gives to distinguish between truth and falsehood in spiritual matters.
  57. 定义:辨别的恩赐是这种特殊能力,上帝赐下为了在灵性问题上辨明真理和错误信仰。
  58. Bible References
  59. 参考圣经 1 Corinthians 12:10 - To another is given distinguishing between spirits 哥林多前书12:10 又叫一人能辨别诸灵。 1 John 4:1 - Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 约翰一书4:1 亲爱的弟兄啊,一切的灵,你们不可都信,总要试验那些灵是出于神的不是,因为世上有许多假先知已经出来了。 Galatians 1:6-7 - I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel - which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. 加拉太书1:6-7 6 我希奇你们这么快离开那藉着基督之恩召你们的,去从别的福音。7 那并不是福音,不过有些人搅扰你们,要把基督的福音更改了。
  60. Biblical Example: Paul
  61. 圣经中的范例:保罗
  62. Questions To Ask Yourself
  63. 问你自己的问题 a. Do I have a good working knowledge of the doctrines of the Bible? a. 我对于圣经上的教条是否非常熟悉? b. Can I perceive the difference between religious truth and religious error? b. 我是否能够察觉宗教真理和宗教错误的区别? c. Am I able to evaluate critically and biblically the religious messages that I hear? c. 我是否能够按照圣经批判性地评估我听到的宗教信息? d. Can I carefully distinguish between God-pleasing and sinful behavior? d. 我是否可以仔细分辨上帝喜悦的行为和罪性的行为? Special Talents God Gives And Uses For Service In The Church 上帝赐下为服侍教会的特殊天赋 In addition to clearly identified spiritual gifts, God also gives people special abilities that He is pleased to have His steward-disciples use to carry out the ministry of the Church. Some of those special talents are: 除了清晰地定义属灵恩赐,上帝也赐给人们特殊能力,他乐于使他的管家-门徒在行使教会事工的时候使用。其中的一些特殊天赋是: A. Intercession A. 代祷
  64. Definition: Intercession is the ability God gives to pray for the needs of others in a faithful manner for extended periods of time.
  65. 定义:代祷是上帝赐下的能力,在教会外的时间以一种虔敬的态度为了他人的需求而祷告。 B. Craftsmanship B. 技艺
  66. Definition: Craftsmanship is the ability God gives to use their minds and hands in creative, constructive ways. 1.定义:技艺是上帝赐下的能力,使人们以一种创造性的、建设性的方式使用他们的头脑和双手。 C. Music C. 音乐
  67. Definition: Music is the ability God gives to direct, to sing and/or to play musical instruments to glorify God. 1.定义:音乐是上帝赐下的能力,通过指挥、歌唱和/或演奏乐器荣耀上帝。 D. Writing D. 写作
  68. Definition: Writing is the ability God gives to formulate thoughts and ideas into meaningful written forms. 1.定义:写作是上帝赐下的能力,把思想和见解组织成一种有意义的写作形式。 II. A Spiritual Gifts And Talents Analysis II. 分析属灵恩赐和天赋 A. Beginning To Discover Our Spiritual Gifts And Talents A. 开始发现我们的属灵恩赐和天赋
  69. All Christians have been blessed by the Holy Spirit with certain spiritual gifts. The Apostle Paul tells us this in Romans 12:6a: “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. We are to use these gifts faithfully in thankful service to God and others for the growth of the Christian Church. The Apostle Peter says in 1 Peter 4:10: “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”
  70. 圣灵以特定的属灵恩赐祝福所有的基督徒。使徒保罗在罗马书12:6a告诉我们:“按我们所得的恩赐,各有不同。”为了基督教会的成长,我们会信实地用这些恩赐对上帝和其他人进行感恩的服侍。使徒彼得在彼得前书4:10说:“各人要照所得的恩赐彼此服侍,作神百般恩赐的好管家。”
  71. If our spiritual gifts and talents discovery is to be profitable, we do well to embrace four very important spiritual concepts. They are:
  72. 如果我们发现我们的属灵恩赐和天赋是有利可图的,我们要牢记四条非常重要的属灵概念。它们是: a. We are God’s steward-disciples: We are, by God’s grace and power, set apart to be God’s consecrated followers and servants. a. 我们是神的管家-门徒:因上帝的恩典和权柄,我们将自己献给神做神圣的门徒和仆人。 b. We have spiritual gifts: God has truly blessed each of us who believe in Jesus Christ with one or more spiritual gifts. b. 我们有属灵恩赐:对于我们每个相信耶稣基督的人,上帝实在祝福我们,赐给我们一种或多种属灵恩赐。 c. We have been saved to serve: God has called us to faith in Jesus and given us eternal life, not so that we would be living empty, lazy, worthless lives, but so that we would live joyful, fulfilled, purposeful lives of loving service to Him and to others. c. 我们被拯救来服侍神:上帝召唤我们相信耶稣基督,并赐我们永生,并不是要我们从此过着空虚、懒惰、无价值的生活,而是要我们可以过喜乐、充实、有目标的生活,以爱服侍上帝和其他人。 d. God guides our lives and answers our prayers: God wants us to discover, develop and use our spiritual gifts. He will help us and direct us as we attempt to identify the abilities He has given us. He will answer our requests for His blessing on our efforts. d. 上帝指引我们的生命并回应我们的祷告:上帝想要我们发现、发展并使用我们的属灵恩赐。当我们试着去确认他赐下的这些恩赐时,他会帮助并指引我们。为了祝福我们做的工,他会回应我们的祈求。 B. The Spiritual Gifts And Talents That We Will Consider B. 我们要考虑的属灵恩赐和天赋
  73. In our spiritual gift and talent analysis, we will consider 22 possibilities. These are special abilities that God continues to give to His people today. They are all very useful in the ministry of the Church.
  74. 在分析我们属灵恩赐和天赋的时候,我们会思考22个可能性。这些是上帝在今天也持续不断赐给他的门徒的特殊能力。它们在教会的事工中都非常有用。
  75. The 22 Spiritual Gifts and Talents are
  76. 这22个属灵恩赐和天赋是:
  1. Administration 管理
  2. Craftsmanship: Arts & Crafts 技艺:艺术和技艺
  3. Craftsmanship: Manual 技艺:手工艺
  4. Discernment 辨别能力
  5. Evangelism 传福音
  6. Exhortation/Encouraging 劝诫/鼓励
  7. Faith (Visionary) 信心(异象)
  8. Giving 施舍
  9. Helps/Serving 帮助/服侍
  10. Hospitality 接待
  11. Intercession 代祷
  12. Knowledge 知识
  13. Leadership 领导
  14. Mercy 怜悯
  15. Missionary 传教
  16. Music: Vocal 音乐:声乐
  17. Music: Instrumental 音乐:乐器
  18. Pastor/Shepherd 牧师/牧养
  19. Proclaiming 宣教
  20. Teaching 教导
  21. Wisdom 智慧
  22. Writing写作 C. The Preparation Prayer C.准备的祷告 Dar Lord Jesus Christ, be with me and guide me as I take this survey of spiritual gifts and talents. Help me give serious though to each statement and help me make an appropriate response to each. Use this analysis to help me gain a better understanding of the special gifts and talents that You have given me as Your child and servant. Assist me in my efforts to identify my gifts and then to develop them and use them for Your glory and for the growth of Your Church. On the basis of Your pleasing and powerful Name, I ask this. Amen. 亲爱的主耶稣基督,当我研究属灵恩赐和天赋时,请与我同在并带领我。帮助我认真思考每个论述,帮助我对每个论述做出恰当的回应。用这样的分析帮助我,使我作为你的孩子和仆人更好地理解你赐下的属灵恩赐和天赋。在我努力辨认自己的恩赐时帮助我,使我能发展这些恩赐并你的荣耀和你教会的成长使用这些恩赐。所有的祈求奉你喜悦和大能的名。阿门。 The Spiritual Gift And Talent Survey 属灵恩赐和天赋调查 Instructions: There are 88 statements in the survey. Give careful thought to each statement as you read it. Then assign a number rating to each statement as you think it applies to you. If the statement is very true of you, place the number 7 in the blank before it. If the statement is somewhat true of you, place the number 4 in the blank before it. If the statement is not at all or only a little true of you, place the number 1 before it. Be sure to give a rating to each statement as it applies to your personal interest or experience. God bless you as you go through the survey. 说明:在这个调查中有88条论述。在阅读时仔细思考每一条论述,当你觉得这个论述对你适用的时候,给每个论述做出等级评定。如果这条论述对你来说十分符合实际,请在前面的空格里标上数字7。 如果这条论述对你来说比较符合实际,请在前面的空格里标上数字4。如果这条论述对你而言完全符合实际或只有一点真实,请在前面的空格里标上数字1。当每条论述对你的兴趣或经验有用的时候请一定给它们评等级。当你做这个调查的时候愿上帝祝福你。 —- 1. Delegating important responsibilities to other people comes easily to me. —- 1. 把重要责任委托给他人对我来说很容易。 —- 2. I find pleasure in drawing, designing or painting various objects. —- 2. 在画画、设计或绘画不同事物时我能从中找到乐趣。 —- 3. Keeping things well maintained and in good repair is good for me and others. —- 3. 使东西得到很好的维护和准备对我和其他人有好处。 —- 4. I carefully listen to religious messages to be sure that they agree with the Bible. —- 4. 在听到宗教信息时我总是很小心,确保它们符合圣经。 —- 5. I joyfully share with others how God has brought me to saving faith in Jesus. —- 5. 我很喜悦地同他人分享上帝如何带领我相信耶稣基督。 —- 6. I like to speak words of encouragement to people who are troubled or discouraged. —- 6. 当有人遇到麻烦或沮丧时,我喜欢对他们说一些鼓励的话。 —- 7. I believe that God will stay true to His promises, despite worldly conditions that seem to indicate that He will not. —- 7. 我相信上帝一定会兑现他的承诺,即使现实情况看起来像是他不会兑现。 —- 8. I like to manage my money well so that I can give generously to God’s work. —- 8. 我喜欢理财这样我就能慷慨地把金钱用于上帝的工作。 —- 9. I enjoy assisting leaders by taking on certain tasks so they will be free to do their other work. —- 9. 我很享受帮领导者分担一些工作,这样他们就可以去做其他的工作了。 —- 10. I willingly provide food or lodging to people who are in need. —- 10. 我十分乐意为需要的人提供食物和住所。 —- 11. I often pray intensely for the needs of others. —- 11. 我常常为了他人的需要恳切祷告。 —- 12. I am able to discover new truths from the Bible for myself. —- 12. 我能够自己从圣经中发现新的真理。 —- 13. I am able to persuade others to accomplish goals they have set. —- 13. 我能够说服他人完成自己设定的目标。 —- 14. I enjoy working with and helping people who seem to be ignored by others. —- 14. 我很享受同那些看起来被忽视的人一同工作并帮助他们。 —- 15. I do enjoy meeting and working with people from cultures other than my own. —- 15. 我真的很享受与其他文化背景中的人见面并一起工作。 —- 16. I love to sing praises to God when I am with other people or I am alone. —- 16. 当我和他人在一起或我独自呆着的时候,我喜欢唱诗赞颂主。 —- 17. I am able to play a musical instrument fairly well. —- 17. 我能很好地演奏一种乐器。 —- 18. I can handle the responsibility of caring for the spiritual welfare of a group of Christians. —- 18. 我能承担起关心基督徒小组精神幸福的责任。 —- 19. I am able to stand up in front of other people and share clearly the truth of God’s Word with them. —- 19. 我能够站在其他人面前并与他们分享清晰明了的神的话语。 —- 20. I can help others learn Biblical facts and details which aid in building their faith. —- 20. 我能帮助其他人学习圣经中的事实和细节,以帮助建立他们的信仰。 —- 21. I am able to apply truth I learn in the Bible to my life on a regular basis. —- 21. 通常我能把圣经中学到的真理运用到我的生活中。 —- 22. I can formulate my thoughts and ideas into effective, written forms. —- 22. 我能把我的想法和观念组织成有效的写作形式。 —- 23. I have the ability to organize ideas, things, time and people for more effective results. —- 23. 我有能力去组织思想、事情、时间和人来达成更有效地结果。 —- 24. I find joy in creating pictures, banners or other visual objects. —- 24. 我在创造图画、标语或其他视觉对象时能从中找到乐趣。 —- 25. I enjoy working with my hands to make or fix things. —- 25. 我很享受用手去做或修理东西。 —- 26. I have a fairly good knowledge of the teachings of the Bible. —- 26. 我对教导圣经有很好的知识。 —- 27. I feel a strong desire to learn how to share my faith more effectively with others. —- 27. 我感到一种强烈的欲望去学习如何把我的信仰更有效地分享给别人。 —- 28. I am able to help someone find a good direction for their life through my words of comfort, encouragement or correction. —- 28. 通过我安慰、鼓励或指正的话语,我可以帮助他人找到他们人生的正确方向。 —- 29. I am very optimistic about the future and the spiritual opportunities it holds. —- 29. 我对未来及它所拥有的属灵机遇非常乐观。 —- 30. I gladly give a generous amount of money back to God for His work. —- 30. 为了上帝的工作,我很高兴地把一大笔钱返还给神。 —- 31. I like to help with all kinds of project that I am able to do. —- 31. 我喜欢在我能做的所有项目上帮忙。 —- 32. I enjoy entertaining guests in my home. —- 32. 我享受在家接待客人。 —- 33. I often pray for others even when I am doing other things. —- 33. 即便我在做其他事情,我也常常为他人祷告。 —- 34. I am confident that insights I have and share with others will bring wholesome improvements in their attitudes and beliefs. —- 34. 我很自信我的见解及与他人的分享能给他们的态度和信仰上带来全面的提升。 —- 35. I enjoy being able to lead people toward the accomplishment of specific tasks. —- 35. 我享受能够带领人们完成特别的任务。 —- 36. I like to visit the elderly, the shut-in, the hospitalized people and show them my loving care. —- 36. 我喜欢拜访老年人、不能外出的人、住院的人并表达我的爱心。 —- 37. I have a desire to live among people in another country and help them learn about the true God and the Christian faith. —- 37. 我想要同其他国家的人住在一起并帮助他们了解真神和基督教信仰。 —- 38. I like to lead others in singing songs of praise to God. —- 38. 我喜欢引领其他人唱歌赞美主。 —- 39. I have been involved in instrumental music presentations at school or in church. —- 39. 在学校或教会,我参与了乐器演奏表演。 —- 40. I get satisfaction from helping struggling or straying believers to return strongly to the Lord. —- 40. 帮助在困境中挣扎和迷途的信徒坚定地重返我主的过程中使我得到了喜悦。 —- 41. I am able to develop well thought out presentations of Bible teachings and principles to help people. —- 41. 我能够从圣经教导和原则讲解的过程中发展很好的想法并以此帮助人们。 —- 42. I enjoy the times I share my knowledge of spiritual matters with children and/or adults. —- 42. 我享受那些同孩子们和/或成年人分享属灵事件的知识的时刻。 —- 43. I take pleasure in finding solutions to complex problems that people face. —- 43. 在为人们所面临的难题找出解决方案时我得到了乐趣。 —- 44. I am sure that the words I write will be of benefit to those who read them. —- 44. 我确信我写的文字能为那些阅读的人带来好处。 —- 45. I can use information well to get things done. —- 45. 我能很好地运用信息解决问题。 —- 46. I enjoy designing attractive things. —- 46. 我享受设计有吸引力的东西。 —- 47. I like to fix or build things. —- 47. 我喜欢修理或建造。 —- 48. I read things carefully and analyze what is being communicated. —- 48. 我仔细阅读资料并分析哪些是可以用来交流的。 —- 49. I have a special concern for those who do not have faith in Jesus Christ. —- 49. 我对那些还不信主的人特别关心。 —- 50. I try to encourage those who are not so active in the Church. —- 50. 我试着去鼓励那些在教堂不太活跃的人。 —- 51. I believe that through the power of God, great things are possible. —- 51. 我相信通过神的力量,万事皆有可能。 —- 52. I believe that I should give much to the Lord for all that He has done for me. —- 52. 我相信,因为神已赐给我太多,我也应该为他多付出。 —- 53. I am willing to work wherever my abilities are needed. —- 53. 我愿意在任何能发挥能力的地方工作。 —- 54. I like to make guests and visitors feel welcome and a part of things. —- 54. 我喜欢让客人或游客感到受欢迎并融入氛围。 —- 55. I am confident that my prayers for others and for myself receive God’s answers. —- 55. 我很自信,我为他人和自己的祷告都得到了上帝的回应。 —- 56. I like to acquire new information that can help others grow spiritually. —- 56. 我喜欢获取新的信息,能够帮助他人灵性成长。 —- 57. I know others follow me because I have useful knowledge that builds up the Church. —- 57. 我知道,其他人跟随我是因为我拥有能建立教会的有用的信息。 —- 58. I can see how my visits to people who are sick or alone has helped them. —- 58. 我能看到我拜访那些生病或孤独的人给他们带来多大帮助。 —- 59. I find myself wanting to be a part of Christian mission work around the world. —- 59. 我发现自己想要成为全世界基督传教的一部分。 —- 60. I like to sing Christian hymns and songs. —- 60. 我喜欢唱基督教赞美诗和歌曲。 —- 61. I realize that my ability to play a musical instrument is a way to give glory to my Savior. —- 61. 我意识到演奏乐器的能力是荣耀救主的一种方式。 —- 62. I like to work with small groups of Christians and guide them in matters of faith. —- 62. 我喜欢与基督徒小组一起工作并在信仰方面引导他们。 —- 63. I can relate the principles of the Bible to the lives of others in a clear and convincing way. —- 63. 我可以用一种清晰明确的方式把圣经原则与其他人的生活联系到一起。 —- 64. I can see that children and/or adults are strengthened in their faith through my instruction of God’s Word to them. —- 64. 我能看到,通过我用上帝话语的引导,孩子和/或大人都增强了信心。 —- 65. I regularly go to Scripture to find a passage that will help me work out a problem or make a decision. —- 65. 我定期读圣经找到一节帮助我解决问题或作出决定的经文。 —- 66. I can compose articles or announcements that inform and edify others. —- 66. 我能写文章或公告来引导和启迪他人。 —- 67. I take pleasure in planning and administering programs that will benefit my fellow believers. —- 67. 我在计划并实施对肢体有益的项目中得到快乐。 —- 68. I like to do craft work for the benefit of others. —- 68. 我喜欢做些对他人有益的手工活。 —- 69. I believe that I should try to take good care of the things entrusted to me. —- 69. 我相信我应该试着去做好那些委托给我的事情。 —- 70. I can tell if a spiritual message I hear is not in agreement with God’s Word. —- 70. 我能分辨我听到的属灵信息是否符合上帝话语。 —- 71. I am able to talk freely with people about their life and spiritual matters. —- 71. 我能自在地与人们讨论他们的生活和灵性事务。 —- 72. I find that I am able to effectively counsel people who are burdened with problems. —- 72. 我发现我能为那些背负着诸多问题的人们提出有效的忠告。 —- 73. I remain positive about God carrying out His wonderful plans for His Church, even when others around me are not so sure. —- 73. 我对上帝运用大能为教会实现奇妙计划持乐观态度,即使周围的人都不怎么确定。 —- 74. I am deeply moved when I am made aware of urgent, financial needs for the work of God’s kingdom. —- 74. 当我意识到上帝国度工作的急迫经济需求时,我深深地感动。 —- 75. I find it fulfilling to do what I can to help a group get an important task done. —- 75. 做那些我力所能及的事情帮助团契完成重要的任务使我感到满意。 —- 76. I am willing to spend time with guests and strangers and to share with them what I have. —- 76. 我愿意花时间同客人和陌生人在一起并同他们分享我所拥有的。 —- 77. I treat requests to pray for other people very seriously. —- 77. 我非常认真地对待代祷这件事。 —- 78. I read and study to improve my understanding of Biblical truth. —- 78. 我阅读并学习来提高我对于圣经真理的理解。 —- 79. I can lead groups of any size to make decisions. —- 79. 我能引导任何大小团体作出决定。 —- 80. I enjoy helping others who are not so able to help themselves or to every repay any kindness I show them. —- 80. 我享受帮助那些无法自助或无法回报对我表达的善意的人。 —- 81. I could handle the challenge of living and serving in a culture that is different from the one I was raised in. —- 81. 在一个不同于我成长的文化背景中,我能解决生活或服侍上的挑战。 —- 82. I enjoy singing all kinds of Christian music in worship services. —- 82. 我享受在崇拜事奉中唱所有类型的基督教歌曲。 —- 83. I like to use my musical gifts of playing instruments to assist others in their worship. —- 83. 我喜欢用我演奏乐器的恩赐在敬拜中协助他人。 —- 84. I like to care for the souls of other people. —- 84. 我喜欢关心其他人的灵魂。 —- 85. I can recognize how the lessons of the Bible apply to people’s lives and also express those truths and applications clearly and confidently. —- 85. 我能辨别出圣经的教训如何运用到人们的生活中,并且我也能清晰明确地表达出那些真理及其应用 。 —- 86. I can present Bible stories to others and help them uncover the truths contained in them. —- 86. 我能向其他人讲述圣经故事并帮助他们找出其中蕴含的真理。 —- 87. I have the ability to know how certain people would best serve in the Church. —- 87. 我有能力知晓某些人如何最好地服侍教会。 —- 88. I know that my literary skills aid and inform others. —- 88. 我知道我的文学技巧能帮助和引导他人。 Scoring The Spiritual Gift And Talent Survey 属灵恩赐和天赋调查得分 Refer to the score you assigned each statement in the survey and add up the numbers associated with each spiritual gift and talent. 参考你在调查中每道题上的得分,把与每个属灵恩赐和天赋的得分相加。 Value Given To Each Statement 每个的论述的分数 Total Score 总分 Gift/Talent 恩赐/天赋
        1. Administration 管理
        1. Craftsmanship 技艺:Arts/Crafts 艺术/技艺
        1. Craftsmanship: 技艺:Manual 手工
        1. Discernment 辨别能力
        1. Evangelism 传福音
        1. Exhortation/Encouragement 劝诫/鼓励
        1. Visionary Faith 异象信心
        1. Giving 施与
        1. Helps/Serving帮助/服侍
        1. Hospitality 接待
        1. Intercession 代祷
        1. Knowledge 知识
        1. Leadership 领导
        1. Mercy 怜悯
        1. Missionary 传教
        1. Music: Vocal 音乐:声乐
        1. Music: Instrumental 音乐:乐器
        1. Pastor/Shepherd 牧师/牧养
        1. Proclaiming 宣教
        1. Teaching 教导
    1. 65 87) Wisdom 智慧
        1. Writing 写作

Identifying Major and Minor Spiritual Gifts and Talents 确定主要的和次要的属灵恩赐和天赋 A. Take the gifts and talents that you assigned the top 3 scores to and enter them in order (highest to lowest score) below: A.选取你得分中最高的前三项,把它们按照(从高到低)的顺序排列 Major Spiritual Gift And Talent Cluster 主要的属灵恩赐和天赋集合

B. Take the gifts and talents that you assigned the next top 3 scores to and enter them in order (highest to lowest score below: B.选取你得分中第四到第六项,把它们按照(从高到低)的顺序排列 Minor Spiritual Gift And Talent Cluster 次要的属灵恩赐和天赋集合

Based on your responses to the survey, these are your likely spiritual gifts and talents. This list can serve as a guide for you as you further experiment with various gifts and talents to arrive at a clearer knowledge of your gifts. 根据你调查的结果,这些是你可能拥有的属灵恩赐和天赋。 这个清单可以作为你的指引,在你未来经历不同的恩赐和天赋以达到对你恩赐的清晰的认定。 Questions 问题

  1. At this time, I am fairly sure that I have the spiritual gift or talent of —————- I think this way because ———————————-
  2. 现在,我非常确定我拥有以下属灵恩赐或天赋—————————————————————–。 我这么想是因为—————————————————————–。
  3. At this time, I am also fairly sure that I do not have the spiritual gift or talent of —— I think this way because ———————————-
  4. 现在,我也很确定我并不拥有以下属灵恩赐或天赋——————————————————————. 我这么想是因为—————————————————————–.
  5. Write a brief prayer in which you ask God to continue to guide you in the process of identifying your unique set of spiritual gifts and talents.
  6. 写一个简短的祷告,在祷告中你祈求上帝在确认你的独一无二的属灵恩赐和天赋的过程中继续带领你。 < 上页 下页 > 最后更新于 2014年5月19日 星期一 19:35