Lesson 11(第十一课)

Lesson 11(第十一课) The inaugural sermon (your first sermon) This sermons allows you to make a positive impression. Some topics that can be covered:

  1. Being your pastor is a privilege.
  2. I will preach you God’s word.
  3. I will not like one person more than another.
  4. I hold to the doctrines of the church.
  5. God’s people will be blessed.
  6. We will cooperate to get the work of the Lord done. Let the overall tone of the sermon be humble and evangelical. The Farewell Sermon End on a positive note. Review the positive aspects of your ministry. Do not try to make the congregation feel badly. If there have been problems, express a forgiving spirit. The Wedding Sermon Express the sacredness of marriage and other Biblical teachings about marriage. Talk about a God centered home. Remind the Christians about the troubles that come. Encourage trust in Jesus. Be brief.

The Funeral Sermon This sermon can contain God’s comfort about death and eternal life. Keep the sermon positive. Do not ignore sin, but do not dwell upon it. Since the members of the congregation are sad, they will have a hard time concentrating. Use as many illustrations as possible. Focus on the Lord, not upon the person. Special cases for funerals: • The death of an unborn child; • The death of a young child. • Suicides create big problems. Confirmation Sermon

  1. Remind the students of how much they still have to learn.
  2. Encourage faithfulness to the Lord and his Word.
  3. Warn against temptations.
  4. Encourage responsible participation in the life of the body, the church – church attendance, church tasks.
  5. Remind the entire congregation of their confirmation vows and encourage them to keep the young people in their prayers, and encourage them. Communion Sermons Stress the Biblical truth and benefits of the Lord’s Supper. Christian Education sermons We can stress:
  6. Each Christian has a responsibility to give their children a Christian education.
  7. The church will help with Christian education. No do it for parents, but help.
  8. Christian education has advantages.
  9. Everyone, young and old, needs Christian education.
  10. Christian faith is for action in life, not just a thing we leave at church.
  11. Christian education is good for life.
  12. Keep Christian education in your prayers.
  13. We need willing teachers. Children’s Sermons The Ordination – Installation Sermon Anniversary Sermons Other Occasions: • Mission festivals • Dedications of buildings or church things; • Synod occasions