This is the fourth GBI course in Christian doctrine based on the popular book God So Loved the World by Pastor Lyle Lange. All students will be provided with a digital copy of this textbook (in PDF format).


In this course we will cover a variety of topics related to the Christian life. The first half of the course will cover topics related to a Christian’s personal life. The second part of the course will cover topics related to a Christian’s life in the church and home. See the outline below for details.



The objectives of this course are to help students


  • Take a careful look at the Bible’s teachings of nine major doctrines.
  • 谨慎学习圣经当中关于九个主要教义的教导。
  • Learn about some of the false teachings that have arisen about these doctrines.
  • 知道因以上教义而衍生的一些假教导。
  • Understand the importance of avoiding all forms of false teaching.
  • 明白避免一切假教导的重要性。
  • Appreciate the blessings of being part of a church fellowship.
  • 为成为教会团契的一部分而感恩。


  • This course is open to any GBI student.
  • 该课程对所有恩典圣经学院的学生开放。
  • This course is a REQUIRED course in all three certificate programs.
  • 该课程是三项认证项目的必修科目。
  • All students who enroll in this course should have a basic understanding of the Bible.
  • 所有修习该课程的学生都应该对圣经有基本的了解。
  • In order to receive credit for this course, the student must be in attendance for at least 75% of the instruction periods, actively participate in the instruction periods when present, and complete on time and in a satisfactory manner any assignments and/or tests given by the instructor.
  • 若想在本课程修得学分,学生在授课期间出勤率需要至少达到75%,并且在课上积极参与,按时完成教师所布置的作业/考试并取得令人满意的结果。


  • Lesson 1 = Sanctification (its relationship to justification)
  • 第一课=成圣(其与称义的关系)
  • Lesson 2 = Sanctification (its relationship to faith)
  • 第二课=成圣(其与信心的关系)
  • Lesson 3 = Sanctification (and perfectionism)
  • 第三课=成圣(和完全)
  • Lesson 4 = Good Works and Adiaphora
  • 第四课=善行和无善恶主义
  • Lesson 5 = Prayer
  • 第五课=祷告
  • Lesson 6 = Cross and Hope
  • 第六课=十字架和盼望
  • Lesson 7 = The Church
  • 第七课=教会
  • Lesson 8 = Church Fellowship
  • 第八课=教会团契
  • Lesson 9 = The Church’s Ministry
  • 第九课=教会服事
  • Lesson 10 = Antichrist
  • 第十课=敌基督
  • Lesson 11 = Eschatology
  • 第十一课=末世论
  • Lesson 12 = Church and State
  • 第十二课=教会和政府
  • Lesson 13 = Marriage and Family
  • 第十三课=婚姻和家庭


  • Each lesson will begin with a lecture by the teacher. Students may use a lecture guide to take notes.
  • 每节课都由老师讲课开始。学生可以使用讲义做笔记。
  • Home preparation assignments will include reading a portion of the textbook God So Loved the World and answering questions assigned by the professor.
  • 在家预习作业包括阅读教科书《神爱世人》章节,并且回答教师布置的问题。
  • The home preparation should take roughly 60-90 minutes each week. In class discussion will last from 60-90 minutes, depending on the length of discussion with the instructor.
  • 在家预习的时间大概每周60-90分钟。课堂讨论大概60-90分钟,具体时长取决于和教师的讨论。
  • The students will be expected to complete the reading assignment and answer the assigned questions.
  • 学生应该完成阅读作业并且回答问题。
  • At the end of the course a final exam will be given.
  • 课程结束会有期末考试。

Course Author: 课程作者

Professor Mark Lenz 马可·伦茨教授

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