Lesson 10 Prayer and The Lord’s Prayer - Introduction – 2nd Petition Questions 194-214

A. Carefully read and think about Questions 194-214 in the Small Catechism

B. Write down at least 5 Important Things that you discovered in your reading 1.

C. Agree-Disagree Questions: Read and think about each of the following Agree-Disagree statements. Answer each statement and write a brief reason to support the answer you gave.

___ 1. Prayer is a believer speaking to God from his heart.

___ 2. Prayers should be addressed only to a god that a person believes in.

___ 3. Prayers must be addressed to the true God or they are not actual prayers.

___ 4. God wants us to appeal to Him in prayer on the basis of how good and faithful we have been.

____ 5. We should pray to God, even if we do not believe that God will hear or help us.

___ 6. We should pray with the thinking that God will answer our prayers just the way we want Him to.

___ 7. We must offer our prayers according to God’s will.

___ 8. When God answers our prayers, He always gives us the answer that is best for us.

___ 9. We should pray for all people including for the souls of people who have already died.

___ 10. We can pray at any place and at any time with the confidence that our God will hear and answer our prayer.

___ 11. In the Introduction to the Lord’s Prayer, we are reminded that we are to speak to God in prayer with the confidence and boldness that a deeply loved child would have in talking to his loving father.

___ 12. God’s Word revealed to us in the Bible is a very big part of God’s name.

___ 13. We keep God’s name holy by the way we regard and respond to God’s Word.

___ 14. God’s kingdom is His rule over people with His power, His grace and His glory.

___ 15. Our request for God’s kingdom to come is, in part, a mission prayer for the conversion of unbelievers.

D. Reflection Questions

  1. Create a written prayer list that includes the people and matters that you would like to pray for this week.

  2. Compose a prayer that includes requests to God for both you and other people and that also offers thanks to God for specific blessings that you have recently received.

  3. Why do you think that God sometimes gives us a “no” answer to our prayers?