Lesson 2 Commandments 1-3 Questions 19-44

A. Carefully read and think about Questions 19-44 in the Small Catechism

B. Write down at least 5 Important Things that you discovered in your reading

C. Agree-Disagree Questions: Read and think about each of the following Agree-Disagree statements. Answer each statement and write a brief reason to support the answer you gave.

___ 1. A person’s god is whoever or whatever that person values and serves most in life.

___ 2. Of all the possible gods that people can and do follow, there is only one true God who deserves to be believed and followed.

____ 3. The triune nature of the true God, the reality that God is three unique persons, but only one God, is very easy for a person to fully understand with human reason and logic.

___ 4. In the First Commandment, God commands us to put Him first in our hearts and lives and to allow no rivals to Him.

____ 5. If we would just concentrate hard enough, it would be possible for us to consistently give God the complete respect, love and trust of our hearts.

___ 6. God’s name is a most wonderful thing. God’s name is all that God has revealed to us about Himself. It includes His titles, His qualities, His abilities and His authority.

___ 7. No one, not even God Himself, has the right to curse someone.

___ 8. It is always a sin to swear by God’s name.

___ 9. Practicing witchcraft, relying on signs of the zodiac for guidance, and consulting fortune tellers for knowledge about one’s future are harmless and helpful activities.

___ 10. Pretending to be a Christian is just as sinful as teaching false things in the name of God.

___ 11. Since Jesus Christ has kept all the Old Testament ceremonial laws that God gave the Jewish people to observe, we in the New Testament are obligated to worship God, but we are not required to have our worship services on the Sabbath (Saturday).

___ 12. A person who regularly attends Christian worship services is in no danger of despising God’s Word.

___ 13. In our worship of God, we both receive the blessings of God from His Word and we also give Him our adoration.

___ 14. In the Law, God both shows us our sin and He also instructs us how to live to His honor.

___ 15. In the Gospel, God both shows us our Savior from sin and He also gives us the desire and strength to keep His commandments.

D. Reflection Questions

  1. Give three reasons why God is entitled to the greatest love and loyalty of your heart.

  2. In your opinion, why is God’s name the most precious gift that we can be given?

  3. List three benefits of participating regularly in Christian worship services with other believers.