Augsburg Confession I

Course Description

The Augsburg Confession is one of the most important documents of the Christian church. It contains 28 concise articles on the basic truths of the Christian faith and their application to church life. This course is the first of two courses in our curriculum that will cover the entire Confession.

The Augsburg Confession is named after the city of Augsburg, Germany, where it was first presented. It is a bold and fearless confession of the truths of Scripture by men who risked their careers, reputation, and even their very lives to present it. Each article of the confession covers one of the basic truths of the Christian faith in a clear and simple way. Every Christian should be familiar with this confession. We are pleased to be able to offer this course to you.

Course Objectives

This course will help students…

  1. …gain a clear, biblical understanding of the truths which were the basis of the ancient church’s faith. These truths are the continuing basis for the true Christian faith.
  2. …grow in their appreciation for what the Bible reveals about us in the law.
  3. …grow closer to their Savior’s mind and heart through a greater understanding of who Jesus is and what Jesus has done to give them eternal life with God.
  4. …increase their eagerness to share the truth in law and gospel with the people they know and meet.
  5. …increase their ability to confess this truth in congregational efforts.


  • This course is open to any GBI student.
  • This course is an elective course in all three certificate programs.
  • All students who enroll in this course should have a basic understanding of the Bible.
  • In order to receive credit for this course, the student must be in attendance for at least 75% of the instruction periods, actively participate in the instruction periods when present, and complete on time and in a satisfactory manner any assignments and/or tests given by the instructor.



  1. Historical Introduction & The Preface of the Augsburg Confession
  2. Article 1: About God
  3. Article 2: About Original Sin
  4. Article 3: About the Son of God
  5. Article 4: About Justification
  6. Article 5: About the Ministry
  7. Article 6: About New Obedience
  8. Test on Unit A UNIT B
  9. Article 7: About the Church; Article 8: What the Church Is
  10. Article 9: About Baptism
  11. Article 10: About the Lord’s Supper
  12. Article 11: About Confession
  13. Article 12: About Repentance
  14. Test on Unit B

Course Length

About 14 sessions will be needed to cover the lessons, lesson reviews, and test results.

About 24 hours of class time will be required to finish this course.

Teaching Procedures

  1. The teacher will work with the students (through interpreters as needed) to carefully teach each lesson’s content.
  2. Students will prepare their answers to each lesson’s review prior to the following session.
  3. Students will prepare themselves for each new lesson through additional reading when it is assigned for them.
  4. The teacher will provide a test at the conclusion of each of the two units.
  5. The students will return their completed tests.
  6. The teacher will review, assess and return the completed tests.
  7. Students’ success will be based on faithful attendance, class participation, and completed tests.
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