Worksheet for Lesson Five 第五课作业题

Worksheet for Lesson Five: 第五课作业题: 分类:信经 Creed 作者:CSI 点击数:1581 Worksheet for Lesson Five: 第五课作业题: The Meaning of the Nicene Creed 尼西亚信经的意义 Section B. B 部分 1.What does the Creed mean by saying the Father is “maker…of all that is, seen and unseen?” 尼西亚信经中说“一切有形无形之万物之主”所代表的意思是什么? Section C. C 部分 1.Why is it important to say that Jesus, the Son, is “true God?” 为什么说耶稣,圣子是“真神”很重要? 2.Can you think why Jesus is called “Light from Light?” (see John 1:1-5) 你能想出为什么称耶稣是“从光所出之光”吗?(参看约翰福音1:1-5) Section D. D 部分 1.Why were the words “eternally begotten of the Father” and “begotten, not made” added? 为什么“是圣父在万世之先所生”和“是生非造”被添加进尼西亚信经? Section E. E 部分 1.What was the relationship between The Father and Jesus according to: 以下关于圣父和耶稣之间关系的不同观点是什么: A. Arius 阿里乌 B. The Eusebians 优西比乌 C. The Bible 圣经 Section F. F 部分 1.Give 3 reasons why some Orthodox Christians hesitated to accept the term homoousion? 给出正统基督徒对接受homoousion这个词显出迟疑的三个理由: A. B. C. Section G. G 部分 1.Where and when was the term homoousion finally accepted as the best expression to use about the relationship between God the Father and God the Son? 何时何地这个词最终作为天父上帝和上帝之子关系最好的表述被接受? Section H. H 部分 1.What was the Son’s role in creation? 在创世中圣子发挥的作用是什么? Section K. K 部分 1.What important addition about Jesus’ incarnation was made to the Creed in 381? 公元381年写进信经中关于耶稣道成肉身的重要补充是什么? 2.Which false teacher made this addition necessary? 哪个假教师使得这个补充具有必要性? 3.Describe in your own words what he taught about Jesus: 用你自己的语言描述他关于耶稣的教导是什么: 4.What council examined his teaching and what was their decision? 在什么会议上他的教导被审查并且审查的决定是什么? Section L. L 部分 1.Explain what “substitutionary atonement” means and tell which part of the Creed teaches it: 解释“代替我们赎罪”的意思是什么并且说出信经的哪一部分教导了这一点。 2.What is meant by Jesus’ “vicarious” suffering and death? 说耶稣“代替”受苦和死的意思是什么? Section N. N 部分 1.What words were added to the Creed because of the teaching of Marcellus of Ancyra? 因为安吉拉的马赛路的教导,使得什么被添加进信经? 2.Summarize what he taught: 概括他的教导: Section O. O 部分 1.Which part of the Third Article is greatly expanded over the Apostles’ Creed? 第三部分的哪一部分较使徒信经得到了极大的扩充? Section P. P 部分 1.In what way is the Holy Spirit: 从哪方面看,圣灵是: A. Lord: 主 B. Giver of Life 赐生命者 Section R. R 部分 1.Why do you think the teaching about the person of the Holy Spirit was not studied in detail until the Second Ecumenical Council of 381? 你认为为什么直到公元381年的第二次大公会议,关于圣灵位格的教导才被细致地研究? Section S. S 部分 1.How did the fight with Arius about the Son help also in the discussions about the Holy Spirit? 对抗阿里乌关于圣子的教导如何同时也帮助了关于圣灵的讨论? Section U. U 部分 1.What does the Latin word filioque mean? 拉丁词语filioque的意思是什么? 2.Use your Bible to explain why the Western Church teaches that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son? 用圣经解释为什么西方教会教导圣灵是从圣父、圣子所出? 3.In what way was it unfortunate that this phrase was added so much later to the creed? 从哪方面来看,这个词太晚才被添加到信经中是不幸的? Section V. V 部分 1.What do we call the doctrine taught in the words “who spoke through the prophets? 我们称用“众先知说预言”所教导的教义为什么?