Syllabus of Evangelism 福音传道课程大纲

Course Title: Evangelism

Description: During this course we will review key Biblical doctrines that will help prepare students to do the work of evangelism. We will study several methods for sharing the good news of God’s Word.


Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are to help students


  1. Gain a clear understanding of Bible teachings related to evangelism 获得关于圣经对福音传道的教导的清楚理解

  2. Understand that the work of sharing God’s Word is given to all God’s people 明白分享神的话语是所有神的子民的工作

  3. Learn several methods for sharing God’s Word. 学习分享神的话语的几种方法。

Course Outline: 课程大纲:

Lesson 1 – What is Evangelism? 第一课—— 什么是福音传道? Lesson 2 – Natural and Revealed Knowledge of God 第二课—— 对神的自然认知和启示认知 Lesson 3 – Our Triune God, His Creation, and the Fall into Sin 第三课—— 我们三位一体的神,神的创世,和人坠入罪中 Lesson 4 – Christ, His Work and It’s Results 第四课——基督,他的事工和果效 Lesson 5 – The Work of the Holy Spirit: Justification by Faith Alone 第五课——圣灵的工作:因信称义 Lesson 6 – Faith Walk, Faith Talk 第六课——行走的信心,传讲的信心 Lesson 7 – Some Ways to Share 第七课——分享的方法 Appendix 1 – Explanation of “Our Dilemma, God’s Solution” 附录1——解释“我们的困境,神的良策” Appendix 2 – Explanation of “A Handy Way to Witness” 附录2——解释“作见证的捷径” Appendix 3 – Spiritual Mentoring: A Primer for Christians 附录3—— 灵性的辅导: 基督徒入门

Teaching Procedures: 教学程序:

The instructor will work with the students through a translator to carefully go through the materials in each lesson. A final exam will be given at the conclusion of the class. 教师每节课将通过翻译,与学生一起认真完成教材的学习。课程结束时进行期末考试。

Requirements for Credit: 确立学分要求:

In order to get credit for the completion of a course, the student must do the following 学完课程为了获得学分,学生必须达到以下标准: Be in attendance for at least 75% of the instruction periods 参加至少75%教程的学习 Actively participate in the instruction periods when present 上课时积极参与 Complete on time and in a satisfactory manner any assignments and/or tests given by the instructor 对于教师分配作业或测试准时完成,令人满意。

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