Appendix 附录 3

Appendix 附录 3 分类:基督徒敬拜 Christian Worship 作者:Dr. Glen L. Thompson 点击数:1619 COLORS AND THEIR MEANING 色彩及其意义 The following chart shows the colors most commonly used in the church. These colors are often used for the paraments (cloths which decorate the altar, pulpit and lectern). They are also the colors used for the stole which a pastor may wear. They can also be used in seasonal banners and other permanent decorations in the church (stained glass windows, wall paintings, etc.) 下表显示了教会中常用的色彩。这些色彩主要用于教会中悬挂的饰物(paraments)上(这些饰物常用来装饰祭坛、讲道台和讲桌),也被用于牧师所穿的祭衣上。这些色彩还可以用于节期的旗帜和教会中其它常设的饰物上(彩玻,壁画等等)。 Color色彩 Meaning意义 White白色 God, Purity, Eternity, Joy神,纯洁,永恒,喜乐 Black黑色 Sin, Darkness, Death罪,黑暗,死亡 Red红色 Blood, Martyrdom, Fire, Zeal血,殉难,火,热心 Green绿色 Life, Growth, Nourishment 生命,成长,养育 Blue蓝色 Sky, Hope天空,盼望 Purple紫色 Royalty, Mourning, Repentance王权,哀伤,悔改 Gold金色 Kingship, Riches, Victory君王,富足,得胜