第六课(lesson 6) 领人作主的门徒

第六课(lesson #6) 领人作主的门徒 LIFE WITH OUR LORD 与主同活 Making Disciples For Our Lord (Part 1) 领人作主的门徒 Lesson 6 第六课 Goal: To learn how to lead other people to become disciples of the Lord through our personal witness in words and deeds. 学习目标:学习如何通过我们自身言语和行为的见证,带领其他人成为主的门徒。 Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, By Your grace You have made us Your disciples. We thank You for our faith and for the opportunities You give us to help others come to saving faith in You. Help us become better witnesses of Your life-giving Word. Fill our hearts with a rich love for the spiritual welfare of others. Give us strong convictions about our role in Your mission. Strengthen us and use us to share with others the Word of eternal life through faith in You. Bless our efforts so that other may come to know You as their Savior and to live for You as Your steward-disciples. Amen. 祷告:亲爱的主耶稣基督,因你的恩典使得我们成为你的门徒。我们感谢你赐给我们信心,并给予我们帮助其他人来信靠你的机会。请你帮助我们成为你生命话语更好的见证。让我们心中充满对他人灵性健康的丰富的爱。坚固我们在你的事工里的职分。增强我们的力量,请使用我们,让我们能通过对你的信心与其他人分享永生的道。祝福我们的工作,从而使其他人能认识你,并接受你为救主,成为你的管家和门徒并为你而活。阿们。 I. We Have The Joyful Task Of Working With God To Make Disciples By Sharing God’s Word I. 我们有愉快的使命,就是与上帝同工,分享神的话语,领人作主的门徒 A. Our Lord has given us a commission of the upmost importance. A. 我们的主已经给了我们最重要的任务 Matthew 28:18-20 - 18) Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. 19) Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20) and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.” 马太福音28:18-20- 18)耶稣进前来,对他们说:“天上地下所有的权柄都赐给我了。19)所以,你们要去,使万人作我的门徒,奉父、子、圣灵的名给他们施洗。20)凡我所吩咐你们的,都教训他们遵守,我就常与你们同在,直到世界的末了。”

  1. Our mission is to make disciples for the Lord. It is the Great Mission of our lives. Nothing we do is more important than making disciples.
  2. 我们的使命就是使人作主的门徒。这是我们生命中的大使命。没有什么比使人作门徒更重要的了。
  3. “Jesus Christ made evangelism primary, and what Christ has made primary, the His believers dare not consider secondary.”
  4. 耶稣基督使传福音成为首要的,基督设为首要的,他的信徒决不可看成次要的。
  5. Our Lord assures us of His presence and power to complete our mission. He authorizes the use of His powerful Gospel in Word and Sacraments to carry out His work.
  6. 我们的主向我们保证他的存在和力量以使我们完成使命。他在话语和圣礼上授权我们使用他大能的福音来开展他的工作。
  7. God, our Father, involves us in His special project of reaching and winning lost souls to return to Him. He includes us so we can work with Him for the great joy of it.
  8. 上帝,我们的天父,让我们参与他的特别计划,就是找到并赢回失落的灵魂归向他。他让我们参加为要带给我们其中极大的喜乐。 B. God has worked in us a Spirit-created compulsion. B.神在我们里面作工,使我们有了由圣灵生发的的激励。 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 - 14) Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. 15) And He died for all, that those who live should not longer live for themselves, but for Him who died for them and was raised again. 哥林多后书5:14-15- 14)原来基督的爱激励我们。因我们想,一人既替众人死,众人就都死了。15)并且他替众人死,是叫那些活着的人不再为自己活,乃为替他们死而复活的主活。
  9. Christ’s love for us leaves no choice but to live for Him by fulfilling His disciple-making mission.
  10. 基督对我们的爱使我们除了完成作他门徒的使命、为他而活外别无其他选择。
  11. Note these examples of this Spirit-created compulsion
  12. 注意这些由圣灵生发的激励事例 a. “Your Majesty, some men’s ambition is art. Some men’s ambition is fame. Some men’s ambition is gold. My ambition is the souls of people.” (William Booth’s inscription in King Edward VII’s autograph album) a. “陛下,有的人追求艺术;有的人追求名望;有的人追求黄金。我追求的是人的灵魂。”(威廉 ·布斯在爱德华七世国王的纪念册中的题词) b. “My business is to extend the Kingdom of God. I only cobble shoes to pay expenses.” (William Carey) b.“我的工作就是扩展上帝的国度。我只是用修鞋去支付费用。”(威廉·克理) c. “I care not where I live, or what hardships I go through, so that I can gain souls to Christ. While I am asleep, I dream of these things; as soon as I awake, the first thing I think of is this great work. All my desire is the conversion of sinners, and all my hope is in God. (David Brainerd) c. “我不在乎我在哪里生活,或是我经历了什么艰难困苦,如此一来我就能为基督获得灵魂。当我睡觉的时候,我梦到这些事情;我一醒来,想到的第一件事就是这个伟大的工作。我所有的愿望就是转变罪人,我所有的希望都在上帝里面。”(毕大卫) d. “Have you ever felt the joy of winning a soul to Christ? I tell you there is no joy this side of heaven which excels it - the grasp of the hand of one who says, ‘Because of you, I was turned from darkness to light.” (Charles Spurgeon) d.“你曾感到为基督赢得灵魂的喜悦吗?我告诉你,在天国的这边没有能胜过它的喜悦,就是有人拉着你的手说:‘因为你,我从黑暗转向了光明。’”(查尔斯·司布真) C. Obstacles That Hold Us Back From Carrying Out Our Mission C.使我们从行使使命中退缩的障碍
  13. Personal uncertainty of our own salvation and/or our mission
  14. 个人对自己的救恩和/或使命的不确定 a. Our Lord wants us to be certain of our salvation. He tells us: “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. . . Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life.” - 1 John 5:13, John 3:36a) a.我们的主想让我们确信我们的救赎。他告诉我们“我将这些话写给你们信奉神儿子之名的人,要叫你们知道自己有永生……信子的人有永生。”(约翰一书5:13,约翰福音3:36) b. Our priesthood as believers requires us to “declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.” - 1 Peter 2:9b b. 我们作为信徒的祭司职份要求我们去“宣扬那召你们出黑暗、入奇妙光明者的美德。”(彼得前书2:9b) c. We may have confusion and reluctance about our mission because we mistakenly think that evangelists have to be polished, public communicators or that we must use confrontational approaches to share our message. c. 我们也许在我们的使命上有困惑和犹豫,因为我们错误地认为传道者必须是文雅的、知名的演说家或者说我们必须用对抗的方法来分享我们的福音消息。
  15. Indifference to the spiritual plight of others
  16. 不关心他人的灵性困境 a. We may have “people numbness” brought on by our fast-paced, people-crowded culture. a. 我们也许有因我们快节奏、人口挤塞的文化导致的“人群麻木”。 b. The Good Samaritan story teaches us to ask not “Who is my neighbor?”, but “How can I be a neighbor to the people God brings into my life?” b.好撒玛利亚人的故事教导我们不要问:“谁是我的邻居”,而要问:“我要怎样成为那些上帝带到我们生活中的人的邻居?”
  17. Unwillingness to pay the price to share the Good News
  18. 不愿意为分享好消息而付出代价 a. There is a price to pay. Someone commented on the story of Jesus’ healing the paralyzed man, who was brought to Jesus by friends who tore open the roof of a house to get him close to Jesus: “When a person comes to Jesus, someone usually has to pay for the roof.” a. 是要付出代价的。有人评论耶稣治愈瘫子的故事说,这个瘫子的朋友掀开屋顶把他放到耶稣的跟前:“当一个人来到耶稣面前的时候,常常有人要付出屋顶的代价。” b. The price is significant, but not too high. The price of self-giving love expressed in devoting a significant amount of time, energy, money and other resources. It is a price well worth paying. b.代价是大的,但并不太高。无私的爱的代价表现在奉献大量的时间、精力、金钱和其他资源。这是值得付出的代价。
  19. Fear of rejection or of sounding foolish
  20. 害怕被拒绝或让自己显为愚蠢 a. These fears are largely unfounded for sensitive, prepared sharers of the Good News. a. 这些恐惧对灵敏的、有准备的好消息的分享者来说,很大程度上是没有根据的。 b. “The world is not looking for perfect people. It is looking for credible witnesses.” (Helmut Thielicke) b. “世界不是在寻找完美的人,它在寻找可信的见证人。”(邸立基) c. We must face the issue: “Are we interested in promoting ourselves or in promoting Jesus Christ?” c. 我们必须面对这个问题:“我们感兴趣的是提升我们自己还是提升主耶稣基督?” Galatians 2:20 - “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” 加拉太书2:20- “我已经与基督同钉十字架,现在活着的不再是我,乃是基督在我里面活着;并且我如今在肉身活着,是因信神的儿子而活,他是爱我,为我舍己。” d. Consider the missionaries who faced a life-threatening assignment and announced: “We died before we even came here.” d. 思考:面对生命威胁任务的传教士宣称:“我们来这里之前就死了。” 1 Corinthians 2:14 - The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to Him and He cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. 哥林多前书2:14 然而,属血气的人不领会神圣灵的事,反倒以为愚拙,并且不能知道,因为这些事惟有属灵的人才能看透。 e. We must understand and expect that the Good News of God will sound somewhat foolish to unbelieving people. e. 我们必须理解并预期到,对不信的人来说神的好消息听起来有些愚蠢 f. We Christians must say to a devil-dominated world, “I am a Christian” in such a way that worldly people hear it. They may not like it, but they must hear it. And if we bear the hostile consequences in a Christ-like manner, some will be saved. f. 我们基督徒必须向这被邪恶主导的世界宣告:“我是基督徒。”用这样的方式让属世的人听到。他们也许并不喜欢,但是他们必须听见。如果我们以基督的方式能承受敌意的后果,有的人会被拯救。
  21. Lack of preparation or training in how and what to do or say
  22. 缺乏言行方面的准备和训练 a. Most of us have not received much practical training in sharing the good news from our homes or churches. a. 我们中的大部分人并没有从家庭或教会受到分享好消息的实践训练。 b. God does give us opportunities to share the gospel with others. We must prepare and be ready to make faithful use of them. b. 上帝确实赐予我们机会去与他人分享福音。我们必须准备好虔诚地利用这些机会。 D. Motives That Move Us Forward D.让我们前行的动机
  23. Gratitude: appreciation for the fact that God loves us in spite of our sinfulness and has freely given us eternal life in Jesus Christ.
  24. 感恩:感激这样的事实:即使我们有罪,上帝依然爱我们,他通过耶稣基督无偿给予了我们永恒的生命。 a. God’s “amazing grace” (His love shown to people who have forfeited every right to have it) is ours. a. 上帝的“奇异恩典”(他的爱向那些被剥夺了爱的权利的人显明)是我们的。 b. Love left Jesus Christ no choice, except to give Himself fully for us and our salvation. b. 爱让耶稣基督除了为我们和我们的救恩完全献身外别无选择, c. Sharing the Gospel of Christ with others is “one spiritually starving beggar telling another spiritually starving person where he/she can find food.” (Daniel Niles) c. 同他人分享基督的福音是“一个精神上饥饿的人告诉其他精神上饥饿的人哪里可以找到食物。”(丹尼尔·奈尔斯)
  25. Responsibility: Knowing that God has called us and is counting on us to bring His Good News to others.
  26. 责任:明白上帝呼召我们并依靠我们把他的福音消息带给其他人。 a. God has only one plan to make disciples - and that plan is us. a. 上帝只有一个培养门徒的计划——就是我们。 b. We, God’s believing disciples on earth, are called and relied on to continue the prophetic, Gospel-bringing work of Jesus Christ to the world. b. 我们,上帝在世上的信徒,被呼召并被信赖去继续从事主耶稣基督对这个世界所作的非凡的、传福音的工作。 c. “The evangelistic harvest is always urgent. The destiny of people and nations is always being decided. Every generation is strategically important. We are not responsible for the past generation, and we cannot bear the full responsibility for the next one; but we do have our generation. God will hold us responsible for how well we fulfill our responsibilities to the people living with us now and take advantage of our opportunities.” (Billy Graham) c. “福音的收割总是很急迫的。民众和国家的命运一直是被确定了的。每一世代都是极其重要的。我们不为过去的世代负责,我们也不能承担下一个世代的责任;但是我们有自己的世代。上帝使我们负责如何好好为与我们同世代的人尽责,如何好好利用我们的机会。”(比利·格兰汉姆)
  27. Concern: Having genuine pain in our hearts that unbelieving people are headed for an eternal hell of torment and separation from our Lord and His blessings.
  28. 关注:为那些不信的人正前往永恒痛苦的地狱并与我们主和主的祝福分离的人真诚地感到痛心。 a. “The thud of non-Christian feet on the way to eternity breaks my heart.” (Burns) a. “非基督徒去往永恒(即永罚)的脚步声使我心碎。”(伯恩斯) b. “If people will perish, at least let them perish with our arms about their knees begging them to be turned and saved. If people will plunge into hell, at least let them plunge over our outstretched bodies begging them to be turned and saved.” (Charles Spurgeon) b. “如果人要消亡,至少消亡的时候让我们抱着他们的腿祈求他们转回并被拯救。如果人要跳进地狱,至少跳过我们伸出的身体让我们祈求他们转回并被拯救。”(查尔斯·司布真) II. We Have A Personal Mission Field II. 我们有个人的宣教工场 A. Our Personal Mission Field includes our
  29. Family Members
  30. Friends
  31. Other People We Have A Connection To A.我们个人的宣教工场包括我们的
  32. 家庭成员
  33. 朋友
  34. 其他与我们有联系的人 B. The Christian faith spreads most naturally to unbelieving people across the bridge of the relationships that Christian steward-disciples have with them. B.通过基督徒管家-门徒与不信的人的关系的桥梁,基督信仰能最自然地传给他们。 C. Humanly speaking, the vast majority of people who are brought to saving faith in Jesus are introduced to Christ because Christian believers showed loving concern for the welfare of their souls. C.按常理说,大部分被带到主面前信靠耶稣的人之所以认识主都是因为基督徒表达出对他们灵魂安宁的爱与关心。 D. One major issue for a number of Christians is this: Will we work hard to reach out to the non-Christians we know or to make new friendships with unbelieving people? D.对很多基督徒来说一件重要的事情是:我们是否会努力向我们认识的非基督徒伸出手或者与不信的人交朋友?
  35. “We are to go as Jesus went, to penetrate human society, to mix with the unbelievers and associate with sinners. Does not one of the Church’s greatest failures lie here? We have disengaged too much. We have become a withdrawn community. We have become aloof instead of alongside.” (John Stott)
  36. “我们要跟随耶稣前行,深入人类社会,与不信的人相交,与罪人相连。教会最大的失败之一不正在这里吗?我们已脱离太久。我们已经成为了孤独的团体。我们已远离神,而不是与神同行。”(约翰·斯托得)
  37. We are to balance our radical allegiance to Jesus Christ with a radical concern for non-Christians. We do not want to lose either our Good News message or our Good News needing audience.
  38. 我们要用对非基督徒的极端关心来与对耶稣基督的极端的忠心相称。我们既不想失去福音消息,也不想失去需要福音消息的听众。 E. Often the people who are easiest for us to reach are the people who:
  39. Have a healthy relationship with us.
  40. Have a similar cultural background to us.
  41. Know something about God and the Bible already. E. 通常我们最容易传福音的人是那些:
  42. 与我们有良好关系的人。
  43. 与我们有相似文化背景的人。
  44. 已经了解了一些关于上帝和圣经知识的人。 III. We Can Use The Personal Approach of Relational/Lifestyle Evangelism III. 我们可以利用个人关系、生活方式等途径来传福音 Relational (Lifestyle) evangelism is living your life in a Christ-like way and lovingly engaging unbelievers with caring actions and the sharing of God’s Word so that they are introduced to Jesus Christ as their Savior from sin. 关系(生活方式)传福音就是过像基督一样的生活,用充满爱的关心行为来影响不信的人,并分享神的话语,以此来使不信的人认识耶稣基督,使耶稣基督做他们的救主,把他们从罪里拯救出来。 KEY ELEMENTS TO RELATIONAL/LIFESTYLE EVANGELISM 关系(生活方式)传福音的关键元素: A. Continue To Grow In Your Believing Relationship With Jesus Christ A.在对耶稣基督的信靠关系上持续成长 A healthy, living Christian faith will show itself in love for and witness to others. Growing disciples will more naturally express with their lips and lives what they possess in their hearts. 一个健康的、活泼的基督徒信心会自动在爱和见证上向其他人表明出来。成长的信徒会更自然地通过话语和生活表达他们心中的信仰。 B. Learn At Least One Clear, Simple Way Of Sharing The Good News Of Salvation People will not learn the message of salvation from us unless we have a way to share the message with them. B.至少学习一种清晰、简单的分享救赎福音信息的方法 人们不能从我们这里得知拯救的消息,除非我们以某种方式与他们分享这消息。 C. Identify The Non-Christian People With Whom You Have A Personal Relationship C.找出那些与你有个人关系的非基督徒 Be aware of the mission field that God has already given you. Take notice of the souls in need of salvation that God has placed in your life-path. 注意上帝已经赐给你的宣教工场。注意那些上帝已安排在你生命道路上的需要救赎的灵魂。 D. Get To Know More Non-Christian People D. 认识更多的非基督徒 Reach out to others who do not know Jesus as their Savior in the places you will find them: in the community where you live, at work or school, in groups or forums you are a member of, in places where you shop or volunteer service. 结识那些还不知道耶稣,没有把耶稣作为救主的人们,在这些地方你能找到他们:你居住的社区,公司或学校,你参加的社团,你购物或做义工的地方。 E. Cultivate Stronger, Closer Relationships With Those Who Are Receptive To You And Your Concern For Them E.与接受你和你关心的人培养更坚固、更紧密的关系 “People do not care how much we know until they know how much we care.” (Floyd McClung) “人们不在意我们知道多少,直到他们知道我们多么在意(他们)。”(弗洛德·马克伦) A man once came to church and expressed his desire to join the congregation. When someone asked him why he wished to take this step before he had even studied the teachings of Christianity in the Bible, he replied, “I have not studied the Bible, but I have seen the Christian faith in the good moral lives and unselfish service of Christian people. I find that it is very good and I want it for myself.” 从前有人走进教堂表示很想加入教会。有人问他,为何在学习基督教教义和圣经之前就要加入教会呢。他回答:“我虽然没学过圣经,但是我已经从基督徒良好的道德生活及无私的奉献上看到了基督信仰。我觉得这很好,我自己也想要有基督信仰。” “When love is seen, the message is heard.” “当人看到爱,也就听到了福音。”
  45. Be friendly. Ask polite questions and listen carefully to get to know them. Show sincere interest in their lives.
  46. 要友好。向人们礼貌地提问题并认真地听,以此了解他们。对他们的生活表现出真正的兴趣。
  47. Show them kindness and warm hospitality. Discuss and do things together that interest both them and you.
  48. 向他们显示善意和热情好客。一起讨论或做一些双方都感兴趣的事情。
  49. Offer help at times when it is needed.
  50. 在人们需要的时候提供帮助。 a. People are often more receptive to considering the Gospel when they are in a time of change in their life and their situation is more unsettled. a. 当处于生命中变化的时期或是更棘手的境地的时候,人们更愿意去思考和接受福音。 b. Some common times of change are: getting married or having a child; the death of a family member or close friend; relationship difficulties; moving to a new area; a change in job or work responsibilities; a serious illness to self or a loved one. b. 一些转变的时期是:结婚或生子,家庭成员或亲密朋友去世,关系困境,搬到新地方,换工作或换岗位,自己或爱人生严重的病。
  51. Share helpful Christian information. Give them a Bible and pass on helpful Christian articles, studies and books.
  52. 分享有用的基督信息。赠送他们圣经或有帮助的基督教文章、研究和书籍。 F. Make Use Of Opportunities To Share The Law and Gospel Message Of Salvation F.利用机会分享救赎的律法和福音信息 The saying goes: “You can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink.” However, you can feed the horse some salt so that it may want to drink. In a similar way, we can lead a non-Christian to the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, and while we cannot make him drink it in, we can help create a thirst for it. 常言道:“能拉马下水,却不能让马喝水。”但是,你可以给马喂一些盐,这样它就想喝水了。同样地,我们可以引领非基督徒归向耶稣基督的救赎福音,如果我们不能让他们顺利接受,我们可以为此创造一些对福音的饥渴。
  53. Discuss the topic of religion and spiritual life
  54. 讨论宗教和灵性生活的话题 a. When talking with a person with whom you have a good relationship, the time may come to speak about his/her spiritual life and religious beliefs. a. 当你和关系很好的人聊天的时候,谈到他/她灵性生活和宗教信仰的时机也许就会出现 b. One way to introduce the subject is with a question such as: “I am interested to know about your religious background. At what place are you in your spiritual life?” b. 一种提到这个话题的方式就是问类似这样的问题:“我对你的宗教背景很感兴趣。你如何看待你的属灵生命?”
  55. Listen careful and respectfully to the answers that person gives. You do not want to argue or criticize. You want to understand at what place they are in their religious thinking including their concerns, their questions, their fears, their needs.
  56. 仔细、礼貌地聆听人们的回答。你不要争论或评判。你要获知他们的宗教观点,包括他们关心的事情,他们的问题,他们恐惧的事情,他们的需求。
  57. Work to remove spiritual misunderstandings he/she may have that would be a barrier to sharing the Christian Gospel. Some examples:
  58. 努力去消除一些他/她也许会有的灵性误解,这些误解可能会成为分享基督福音的障碍。事例如下: a. “Religion is just a comforting lie people tell themselves to make it through a difficult life.” a. “宗教只是个安慰的谎言,人们通过它来度过困难的生活。” b. “Buddhism (Islam) satisfies all my spiritual questions and needs.” b. “佛教(伊斯兰教)满足了我所有灵性问题和需求。” c. “Christianity is a foreign religion that holds no interest for me.” c. “基督教是个外国宗教,跟我没有关系。”
  59. Testify to the goodness of Christianity in your life.
  60. 在你生活中对基督教益处的见证 1 Peter 3:15b - Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who ask you to give the reason for the hope that you have. 彼得前书3:15b- 只要心里尊主基督为圣。有人问你们心中盼望的缘由,就要常做准备。 a. Share in a simple, clear way what it means to you to be a believer in Christ a. 用一种简单、清晰的方式分享作为基督徒对你的意义 b. Emphasize one or more of the blessings you enjoy as a result of your relationship with Jesus Christ. (examples are friendship, freedom from the fear of death, purpose in life, forgiveness of sin and removal of guilt, confidence for the future, a proper sense of value and worth) b.强调一种或几种你在与耶稣基督的关系中享受到的祝福。(例如友谊、从死亡的恐惧中解脱而得的自由,生命的目的,宽恕罪,消除内疚,对未来的信心,适宜的价值感) c. General John Pershing, a famous military leader in World War 1, gives an excellent example of such a testimony in one of his speeches to his soldiers: “I have known Jesus Christ as my Savior for 47 years. I could not face life without Him. It is no small thing to know that all the past is forgiven and that help is available from God every day. I recommend such a Savior to you.” c. 约翰·潘兴将军,第一次世界大战中的著名军事将领,曾在他对士兵的一次演讲中举了这样一个非凡的见证的例子:“我认识耶稣基督,把他作为救主已经47年了。如果没有他,我无法面对生活。知道过去所有的事已经被原谅,每天都有来自上帝的帮助,绝非小事。我推荐这位救主给你们。” d. One way to begin such a testimony is with these words: “I am a Christian. Knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior is important to me because ——————————-.“ d. 讲这种见证的一个很好的开场方式是使用这样的话语:“我是个基督徒。认识耶稣基督并把他作为我的救主,对我来讲非常重要,这是因为——————————-.“
  61. Look for an opportunity to share the Law and Gospel message of salvation
  62. 寻找机会分享律法和福音的救赎消息 a. Check to see if the person is receptive to hearing/learning more about the Gospel. a. 探寻这个人是否愿意听到/学到更多的福音 b. You may find this approach helpful: “I would like the opportunity to share with you some things that may help you in your spiritual life and gain an assurance of eternal life with God. May I share those things with you?” b. 你可能会发现这种方式非常有用:“我想借此机会与您分享一些在你灵性生活和获得上帝永生保障中有帮助的事情。我能和你分享这些事情吗?”
  63. If it not convenient for the person to talk with you at the present, schedule a definite time when you can meet to talk.
  64. 如果对这个人来说现在不方便和你讨论,就定下个你们能见面讨论的时间 G. Share The Law And The Gospel G.分享律法和福音
  65. The Word of God is the only power that can bring a person to saving faith in Jesus Christ. The message of the Law convinces a person of his/her sin and the eternal punishment that he/she deserves. The message of the Gospel tells a person about Jesus Christ and what He has done to save sinful people and the complete forgiveness and eternal blessing that He graciously provides.
  66. 神的话语是唯一能让人信仰主耶稣的力量。律法的信息使人确信自己有罪并应得永久的惩罚。福音的信息告诉人们关于耶稣基督和他为拯救罪人所做的一切,也告诉人们关于完全的宽恕和主耶稣慷慨赐予我们永恒的祝福。
  67. Share the message of Law and Gospel clearly, sincerely and lovingly.
  68. 清楚、真诚、充满爱地分享律法和福音的信息。
  69. Seek a response to the Law and Gospel message you have shared.
  70. 为你分享的律法和福音信息寻求回应。 a. Check to see if you have been understood: “Do you understand the things that I have shared with you? Do you have any questions or concerns?” a. 验证别人是否理解你所说的:“你理解我跟你分享的事情吗?你有什么问题或关心的话题吗?” b. Ask several questions to determine whether the Holy Spirit has already used the message you have shared to work conviction of sin and faith in Jesus in the person: b. 问几个问题来确定是否圣灵已经使用你分享的信息在人身上做工,使人认罪并信仰耶稣基督。 “Do you believe that you are a sinful person, that you deserve God’s punishment for your sins, and that you cannot save yourself?” 你相信自己是个罪人,你的罪应得上帝的惩罚,你自己不能拯救自己吗? “Do you believe that Jesus is your Savior, that He has paid for your sins and has earned eternal life for you?” 你相信耶稣是你的救主,他已为你赎罪并为你赢得永生吗?
  71. Assure those who expresses faith in the Gospel that God has promised them eternal life. Share Bible verses such as John 3:16 and John 3:36a
  72. 使那些已表达对福音信仰的人确信,上帝已应许他们永生。分享圣经章节,如约翰福音3:16和约翰福音3:36a John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:36a - Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. 约翰福音3:16 神爱世人,甚至将他的独生子赐给他们,叫一切信他的,不至灭亡,反得永生。 约翰福音3:36a 信子的人有永生。
  73. Continue to work with those who do not, at this time, give a clear profession of faith in Jesus.
  74. 对那些现在还没有对耶稣基督有清晰、专一信仰的人持续做工。
  75. Follow-up on those who are receptive to your witness. Involve them in continuing contact with the Word of God through Bible reading and study, worship, further discussions with yourself and other Christians.
  76. 跟进那些接受你见证的人。使他们能通过阅读圣经、学习圣经、敬拜、与你和其他基督徒深入讨论圣经等方式一直与主的话语相联系。 Agree - Disagree: Mark each statement either A Agree) or (D) Disagree. Be ready to explain your answer. 同意-不同意:在以下每个论点上标上A(同意)或D(不同意),并准备好解释你的答案。 —- 1. The primary mission of every Christian is to be a good moral example for others to follow. —- 1. 每个基督徒最主要的使命就是作让别人去跟随的道德典范。 —- 2. The greatest hindrance to our sharing the Gospel with others is that people do not want to hear it from us. —- 2. 我们分享福音最大的阻碍就是人们不想从我们这里听到福音。 —- 3. The best place for us to find people to tell the Good News is with the people that we have a personal relationship with. —- 3. 我们寻找人并告知他们福音消息最好的方式是告知那些与我们有个人关系的人。 —- 4. The most powerful reason we have to share God’s Word with others is the great rewards we can earn from God. —- 4. 我们必须与他人分享上帝话语的最强有力的理由就是我们能从上帝那里得到很好的回报。 —- 5. People are generally more receptive to the Gospel when they are going through some major change in their lives. —- 5. 当经历生命中的重大变故时,人们通常更能接受福音。 —- 6. In sharing our personal testimony, we want to share what Jesus Christ means to us and what He can mean for others. —- 6. 在我们分享个人见证的时候,我们要分享耶稣基督对我们的意义和对其他人的意义。 —- 7. In our efforts to lead people to believe in Jesus Christ and have eternal life, we will want to be share both the Law and Gospel teachings with them. —- 7. 在我们使人信主得永生所做的努力中,我们要确信同时教给人们律法和福音。 —- 8. Our success in seeing people come to faith in Jesus depends mostly on our personal ability to persuade them to believe in Him. —- 8.看见他人来信靠主耶稣,我们能成功大部分是依靠我们自身说服他人相信耶稣的能力。 Questions 问题
  77. Develop a list of all the people with whom you have a personal relationship and who do not currently trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior.
  78. 列一张名单,列出所有与你有私人关系但是现在还没有相信耶稣基督为他们的救主的人。
  79. Identify three people from your list whom you think would be most receptive to your witness and create a plan to introduce them to Jesus Christ.
  80. 从你的名单上确定三个你认为最有可能接受你见证的人,设计一个方案引领他们归向主耶稣基督。 Person 1: ———————– My plan: ————————————- 第一个人:——————– 我的方案:———————————— Person 2: ———————– My plan: ————————————- 第二个人:——————– 我的方案:——————————– Person 3: ———————– My plan: ————————————- 第三个人:——————– 我的方案:——————————–
  81. Create a personal testimony in which you focus on one or more of the blessings you have received from knowing Jesus Christ as your Savior. Make the testimony personal, truthful and specific.
  82. 创建一个个人见证,重点分享你认识耶稣基督作为你的救主后得到的一个或多个祝福。使这个见证个人化、真实、特别。 a. Identify a blessing or two that you would like to highlight. (Suggestions are: friendship, freedom from the fear of death, purpose in life, the removal of sin and guilt, a reliable concept of self-worth, a true knowledge, genuine love) a. 确定一两个你想要突出强调的神的祝福。(建议:友谊、从死亡恐惧解脱的自由、生命的目标、消除罪和内疚、可信的自我价值观、真知识、真爱) b. Write you testimony in about 50-150 words. You may begin with the phrase: “Knowing Jesus as my Savior is very important to me because———————- b. 用50-150个字写下你的见证。你可以用这样的句子开头: 认识耶稣基督作我的救主对我非常重要,是因为———————————————————————————– c. Be ready to recite from memory your testimony at the next class. c. 准备好在下节课回忆你的见证。
  83. Read over the witnessing presentation at least three times before the next class so you are familiar with its contents.
  84. 在下节课前至少阅读三次你的见证,这样你会更熟悉见证内容。     < 上页 下页 > 最后更新于 2015年5月23日 星期六 21:00