Christian Stewardship

Course Syllabus 课程大纲

Life With Our Lord (Stewardship-Discipleship) 与主同在的生活(管家职份—门徒职份)

Description: A comprehensive introduction to the basic matters of Christian stewardship and discipleship. 简介:这门课程是对基督徒管家职份和门徒职份的基础知识的综合介绍。

Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are to help students 课程目标:这门课程的目标是帮助学生们:

  1. Gain a clear, biblical understanding of whole life Christian stewardship and discipleship 1)对基督徒管家职份和门徒职份的整体生活获得清晰的、基于圣经的理解。
  2. To lead students to make thoughtful, grace-led decisions regarding the Christian use of their time, abilities, possessions, money and the Gospel. 2)在有关基督徒使用时间、能力、财产、金钱与福音上,引导学生做出深思熟虑的、由恩典引导的决定。
  3. To prepare students to equip others to be faithful Christian managers of their lives for God. 3)使学生们预备好去装备他人成为为神而活的、忠实的基督徒管家。
  4. To help students grow in their ability to apply the Law and Gospel to themselves and to others in matters of Christian stewardship and discipleship. 4)帮助学生们在管家职份和门徒职份方面的事物上,能更好地对他们自己或别人运用律法和福音。

Outline: 大纲:

Lesson 1: Answering The Lord’s Call To Life 第一课:回应主对生命的呼召 Lesson 2: Fighting The Battle For Life 第二课:为生命征战 Lesson 3: Managing Life For Our Lord 第三课:为主管理生活 Lesson 4: Gaining Strength From Our Lord’s Word 第四课:从主的话语中获得力量 Lesson 5: Communicating Personally With Our Lord 第五课:个人与主交通 Lesson 6: Making Disciples For Our Lord (Part 1) 第六课:领人作主的门徒(第一部分) Lesson 7: Making Disciples For Our Lord (Part 2) 第七课:领人作主的门徒(第二部分) Lesson 8: Managing Spiritual Gifts For Our Lord (Part 1) 第八课:为主管理我们的属灵恩赐(第一部分) Lesson 9: Managing Spiritual Gifts For Our Lord (Part 2) 第九课:为主管理我们的属灵恩赐(第二部分) Lesson 10: Managing Life Resources For Our Lord 第十课:为主管理生活资源 Lesson 11: Living To Live A Holy Life For Our Lord 第十一课:为主过圣洁的生活 Lesson 12: Serving People For Our Lord 第十二课:为主服侍人

Teaching Procedures: 教学过程:

The instructor will work with the students (through a translator, if necessary) to carefully go through the teaching material and exercises for each lesson. The instructor will give the final exam at the conclusion of the class. 教师会与学生一起(如有需要,通过翻译)认真地学习每一课的学习资料和练习。在课程结束的时候,教师会进行期末考试

Teaching Materials: 教学资料:

“Life With Our Lord” (bilingual edition) 与主同在的生活(双语版)

Course Length: 教程:

The course will generally take between 18-24 hours of instruction time to complete. 完成这门课程大概需要18到24小时的课时。

Requirements For Credit: 学分要求:

In order to get credit for the completion of a course, the student must do the following: 课程结束后想要获得学分的学生必须做到以下几点: • Be in attendance for at least 75% of the instruction periods • 至少应参加75%的课时 • Actively participate in the instruction periods when present • 课堂中积极参与 • Complete on time and in a satisfactory manner any assignments and/or tests given by the instructor • 按时并令人满意地完成教师布置的作业和/或者测试        

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