Lesson 1 FAITH

*GSLTW = God So Loved the World textbook by Lyle Lange (English)

*Chinese 2 = God So Loved the World textbook in Chinese (Volume 2)


LESSON 1 Lecture Notes

What is faith? Read Colossians 2:12

Read Philippians 1:29

What two things have been granted to us on behalf of Christ?

Read John 6:28,29

What is the work of God?

What is the essence of faith?

Read Rom 10:14,17

What is necessary before people can believe?

Read James 2:19

What do the demons believe?

Read Romans 10:10

What happens when a person has faith?

Read Hebrew 11:1

What does faith give us?

Who demonstrates faith in each of the following Scripture selections?

Luke 7:1-10

John 4:47-53

Mt 15:21-28

2 Tim 1:12

Read Luke 7:50

What did Jesus say had saved this woman?

The Object of Faith

Read John 3:36

What does a person who believes in Jesus have?

Strong and Weak Faith

Read 1 Corinthians 10:12

About what does every believer need to be concerned?

What are some of the things that can lead to the loss of faith?

Lesson 1 Student Assignment (GSLTW pp. 303-309; Chinese 2 pp. 272-278)

What is soteriology?

What is involved in a study of soteriology?

What is our status before God by nature? Ro 3:23 …before God through Christ? Ro3:24

How do people lose the benefit of what Jesus did to save us? 2 Pe 2:1

How do people receive the benefit of what Christ did?

Mk 16:16

Ac 16:31

Ro 4:5

Complete: saving faith is not…

a. Ro 1:18-23; 2:15

b. Jas 2:19, Lk 4:34

What is saving faith? Heb 11:1

What is the foundation of saving faith? Gal 2:20

What does the Roman Catholic Church teach about saving faith?

What is the teaching of Decision for Christ people regarding faith?

In what way are faith and knowledge different? In what way are they the same? Jn 17:3

Can infants believe?

a. Mk 10:14-16

b. Ti 3:5

c. Mt 18:6

d. Lk 1:41-44

Demonstrate that saving faith must rest on Christ alone.

Jn 14:6

Ac 4:12

List some false foundations for faith.

Is weak faith still saving faith? Explain. Ro 7:14-25, Isa 42:3

How is a weak faith strengthened? Mt 9:2